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DSM-5: Initial Impressions Positive

After a quick look I see nothing I do not like:

Substance Use Disorders:

Substance "abuse" always had too much of a moral connotation: Bad people abuse things. Having a substance use disorder does not make you bad.

Substance "Dependence" should have been Addiction all along. We usually mean physiological dependence as distinct from addiction.

Getting rid of both Abuse and Dependence is good.

Speaking of addiction, I'm glad "internet addiction" was NOT included as a behavioral addiction. For one thing, internet is not a behavior. Gambling is a behavior, but I'm glad they don't classify it as an addiction either.  More later.

Asperger's: Colorful as they are, naming diseases after people has no descriptive value, and if there's no bright line between Asperger's and the rest of the autism spectrum, so much the better. Good riddance.

Substituting "Intellectual Disability" for "Mental Retardation": We should probably incorporate "developmental" to distinguish from dementias, but even a small step toward ridding our language of the derogatory "retard" is good.

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