The Election

Trump has not laid out specific health care plans other than repealing Obamacare, but here I combine some speculation with libertarian values and my own wishlist for changes that might benefit those who suffer from mental disorders, including addiction:

  • Allow private insurers to compete across state lines.

  • Stop government attacks on private practice, mostly in the form of over-regulation.

  • Establish a no fault system for medical malpractice similar to current workers compensation. Compensation related to injuries resulting from medical error would not require costly legal battles which might end with no compensation for the injured party.

  • Make government agencies like FDA more transparent.

  • Repeal HIPAA.

  • Stop requiring providers to pay for foreign language and sign language interpreters.

  • Remove marijuana from the controlled substances list. Regulate it like more addictive tobacco and more dangerous alcohol.

  • Eliminate DEA and make all prescription drugs available over-the-counter from pharmacies, allowing physicians to advise instead of acting as gate-keepers for drugs. Prohibition promotes the black market, corrupts prescribers, kills or ruins more lives than it saves, and makes prescribers suspicious of all patients.

As for funding for treatment of serious mental disorders like schizophrenia, well, I have my fingers crossed.

What do you wish for?

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