Electronic Record Down!

Last week a physician posted on a Web board that the clinic electronic medical record, a Civerex product called CIVER-PSYCH, stopped working over three weeks prior. I contacted the company several days ago, but no one there seems to want to comment.

No electronic medical record, local or in the cloud, can really claim 100% uptime. How will you or your clinic cope with inability to access patient records? Some advocate printing records to paper as a backup, but this practice eliminates many of the advantages of electronic records, and few if any electronic records services allow a user to print all the needed information efficiently.

Redundancy should help. I can access my cloud-based record from either of two computers whether at home or at the office. If my cable Internet fails I can activate my smart phone as a WiFi hub for Internet access. Vendors should consider building redundancy into their products or services as well.

Should you reschedule appointments until you regain access to the record? How have you or your clinic prepared for such a nearly inevitable calamity?

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