EMSI Finally Responds

It took more than a week, but after failure to respond to, or even acknowledge receiving, my questions faxed to three different numbers, and after several telephone conversations, EMSI (Examination Management Services, Inc.) finally responded to my invoice by sending me a check. To arrive at the amount I elected to count the number of pages in the paper chart added to the number of nominal “pages” of progress notes my EMR will generate, omitting substantial amounts of electronic records.

I can only speculate as to the explanation for the company’s failure to respond:

  • Their staff simply do not comprehend my questions and do not want to admit their ignorance.

  • They have no idea what to do with digital files.

  • They do not want to pay for digital files on electronic media.

The accuracy of their clients determinations based on this incomplete, and possible misleading, information will necessarily be suspect. I wonder whether EMSI will include my notice to that effect on my fax coversheet when they pass the records along to the client.

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