Enough With the Couch

Regardless of what you think about Freud and psychoanalysis, let us dispense with this antiquated symbol of psychiatry that illustrates a recent article by Rachel Emma Silverman in the Wall Street Journal, once and for all. I hoped only the New York Times still clung to this anachronism that perpetuates stigma and trivializes this serious problem.

Even most psychotherapies stopped putting their patients on couches decades ago, but, for good or bad, medication and other biological interventions, rather than psychotherapy, treat most who suffer from psychiatric disorders today.

Silverman’s article explores the application of modern communication technology to “tackle” mental health among workers. I suggest instead that we promote mental health and tackle mental illness.

And, please, Ms. Silverman, if you must include the undefinable term “telemental” in your article, unless you can tell us what it means.


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