Family Tele-psychotherapy?

Who does it? How does it work?

Soon after my first few experiences using videoconferencing technology for encounters with individual patients I realized that not only would its use save additional family participants a trip to my office, but it would enable involvement of those residing in other states or even countries.

I assume the psychotherapist would have to take care not to run afoul of state law, but I wonder to what extent jurisdictions have determined what constitutes a patient. We might readily assume that regulations would apply to the identified patient, but what about extended family, especially for explosive families?

Alas, I have stopped doing family psychotherapy, but I hope others will chime in about their experience or what has stopped them from trying it.

If you have a family member in treatment so far away that you cannot attend sessions in person, have you considered asking to attend via teleconference technology? How did the psychotherapist respond?

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