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FDA: Don't Stop Opioids Abruptly! Really?!

FDA has, in all its wisdom and service to the people, just released a guidance warning against sudden discontinuation of "opioid pain medicines."

Earth to FDA: I cannot imagine a physician practicing in the U.S. who does not know that already, and I surely you require pharmacists dispensing these drugs to counsel patients about the risks involved.

However, if you truly want to help the people who pay your salaries, you will advise the other regulatory and law enforcement agencies we read about almost every day who have shut down so-called pill mills or otherwise interrupted prescribing of these drugs with, in every case of which I am aware, no provision whatsoever for assuring a continued supply of the appropriate drugs to the victims of these enforcement activities.

Fortunately or not, the bustling black market in these drugs, supported by your failed policy of prohibition, assures a ready supply of heroin and diverted pharmaceutical opioids for these patients.



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