Feds Should Respect State Legalization of Marijuana

As of today no Washington state law prohibits possession of less than an ounce of marijuana by an adult. Prosecutors in several jurisdictions have already dropped pending charges based on such possession. The state has started work on establishment of regulations to govern commerce in marijuana. Federal law, however, still prohibits associated activity.
The federal government should stop wasting lives and resources and let state law prevail where conflict exists. No good will come from a legal battle over states' rights or from continued enforcement of existing federal law in Washington or other states where adults can possess, grow, sell or use the substance (or hemp) legally.
Alcohol and nicotine should be classified as Schedule I drugs before marijuana, and none of these substances should require authorization or prescription by a medical professional.
Stop the real "reefer madness" now. Let us start dealing with marijuana problems with treatment instead of punishment.

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