Flush the drugs, man! The feds're comin'.

Expired drugs in the office? How do you get rid of them correctly before those nasty DEA agents invade your office looking for contraband buprenorphine?

"I emailed a local agent who replied thus, "...you are allowed to  dispose of the controlled substances yourself - with at least one witness.   This activity must be recorded on a DEA Form-41."

This sounded good, particularly after the aspersions I have cast at DEA in the past few months, but then I read Form 41, and I wrote back:

"Form 41 is confusing:

Signature of applicant or authorized agent: Who is that?

"Destroyed by": Is that me, or does someone at DEA sign that after destroying the drug?

The instructions imply I should send the drugs to DEA rather than destroy, except one indication of "destroyed as indicated and the remainder forwarded tape-sealed after verifying contents." What does that mean? This comes after the blank for how many packages have been received. Received by DEA? by me?

I have 56 tabs of 200 mg modafinil. Please advise. Is the form correctly completed?"

So should I put the pills in a bottle full of wet coffee grounds or mail them to the DEA field office. Has anyone done this and avoided the gas chamber?

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