Forensic Psychiatry and Social Media

Today the annual meeting of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law opens in Chicago. Most other professional organizations start Tweeting about the meeting days or even weeks in advance from their own accounts. Most establish a hashtag. Not AAPL. Seems like last year was the same story. Not only do I see no mention of any social media on their Web site, but no one appears to have established an official hashtag for the meeting. So far mine is the only Tweet with #AAPL2014, a hashtag I made up. What’s more, a quick search of the program for “Twitter,” “Facebook,” “social” and “media” surfaced no mention of social media.

What keeps these folks from sharing, or at least talking about social? Do they fear an opposing attorney will use a Tweet against them in a trial?

Given the ubiquity of social media use today, how can a forensic psychiatrist provide credible testimony unless they have used it themselves?

What better way to get your feet wet than by Tweeting about a meeting?

Come on, Tweet!


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