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Friends with Kids

Adam Scott, Jennifer Westfeldt, Maya Rudolph, Chris O'Dowd, Kristen Wiig, Jon Hamm, Megan Fox, Edward Burns, Lee Bryant, Kelly Bishop
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By telephone, advertising executive Jason answers his administrative assistant friend Julie, "Uh, great girl with big tits, long legs, who isn't crazy or neurotic or religious." (0:08)

Julie answers Jason, "Up the morphine drip." (0:09)

Jason tells Julie, "You go through pregnancy, and it's stressful, and you're fat and cranky." (0:13)

By telephone, Jason tells Julie, "I had no choice, so we decided to split custody, remain friends." (0:17)

By telephone, Julie asks Jason, "Is it worth trying the drunken sex thing once or twice on the off-chance?" (0:22)

Jason tells his date, "So, a life coach..." (0:27)

Julie tells her mother Elaine, "Mom, Dad left us 12 years before he died, and he remarried." (0:28)

Julie tells Jason, referring to her chin, "I just jut it out a lot because I'm self-conscious." (0:30)

Alex tells the others, referring to his son, "Freaking out his sister." (0:37)

Chasin tells Mary Jane, "It's crazy."
Mary Jane: ”It's your ears I would worry about.”
Jason: ”We split the custody.” (0:41)

Leslie tells Julie, "Honey, you can't share all that s*** with someone and not get confused, you know?"
Julie: ”Right, I'm just confused.” (0:45)

Julie's friend Kurt asks Julie and Leslie, "Are you guys completely hammered already?"
”We're not drunk.” (0:51)

Kurt tells Julie, "... it just seems like a crazy way to spend your life." (0:54)

Jason tells Julie, "Wow, and you were so worried." (0:56)

Kurt tells Julie, "Look, if you want to talk about these terribly depressing things, I'm totally game... waterboarding... That's good and depressing... I'm against it, but it is depressing." (1:04)

Alex tells Jason, "That is one long bad mood."
Jason: ”No, it's crazy.” (1:06)

Kurt tells the others, referring to his children, "It'll be too confusing for them if they see their dad with a different woman every couple of months."
Jason tells Ben, referring to Julie, ”I know the mood she's in when she wakes up in the morning.” (1:12)

Julie tells Jason, "I'm not drunk. I'm not drunk." (1:22)

Mary Jane tells Jason, "People are... crazy." (1:25)

Jason tells Ben, "It's crazy." (1:28)

Julie tells Jason, referring to their son Joe, "You can't come into my house and say all this confusing shit to a two-and-a-half-year-old." (1:35)