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Happy Patient vs. Happy Doctor

Press Ganey and other review sites may tell you how much patients like physicians, but they may reflect to a large degree whether the physician prescribed the drug the patient wanted rather than the quality of care the physician provided. Many physicians believe such reviews contribute to over-prescribing of opioids and other addictive drugs.

At the same time, physicians complain (in private) of mistreatment by hospital systems, payers, medical boards and others. 

As a patient, would you prefer a hospital where physicians make patients happy by prescribing what the patient wants, or a hospital full of happy, fulfilled physician? If you saw reviews where physicians gave a hospital a happiness rating of only 2 stars, would you prefer to find a hospital whose physicians rated it at 4.5 stars?

As a physician, where would you prefer to work?

Maybe such ratings would lead to better care -- rather than more prescriptions.


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