Hope for Prior Authorizations

In stark contrast to my recent Lame Prior Authorization an experience with covermymeds.com gives me hope. Instead of the usual fax or voice message from a pharmacist telling me I must call an 800 number or fill out a form to fax to the insurance company, I received a fax that simply asked me to go to covermymeds.com and enter the “key” number provided. To my surprise, after logging in and entering the key number in the appropriate field, I found that only a few reasonable fields required entries from me. The whole process would have taken only a few minutes had I not availed myself of the prompt and helpful telephone support provided.

I contacted covermymeds.com by chat last week to learn more. The support person directed me to a long list of pharmacies, and a few insurance companies, who subscribe to their service. She told me the pharmacist provides much of the needed information before sending the key number.

Unfortunately, one of my favorite pharmacists told me that few PA requests allow for such an efficient process. I believe we can pressure pharmacists and payers to increase their use of this process. I plan to inform them, and patients, that I will waive my standard $50 fee for paricipating in a PA if they provide the key number for use with covermymeds.com as described above. Financial incentives can produce change.

Will you join me?

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