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House of Cards (1993)

Kathleen Turner, Tommy Lee Jones, Asha Menina, Shiloh Strong, Esther Rolle, Park Overall, Michael Horse, Anne Pitoniak
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Young Sally asks archaeologist Selord, referring to her dead father Alex, “How can he possibly get there when he’s dead?” (0:06)

Sally’s mom Ruth grieves as she boxes up Alex’s belongings. (0:15)

Ruth recounts how Alex died to her friend Lillian. (0:19)

Her brother Michael asks, “Hey, Sal, what’s with the retard bit?”
”Boy, you are turning into a nutcase, Sal.” (0:19)

Ruth tells Lillian, “So just when I said I’d take a dumb job, these idiots called... they’re bringing in some stuffed-shirt psychiatrist to test her because she’s not talking... they had to test Sally... and they allow as how this anemic psychiatrist could come out here.” (0:25)

Ruth tells psychiatrist Jake Beerlander, “No, you idiot.”
”Are you crazy?” (0:30)

Beerlander: “Ms. Matthews, when did your little girl stop talking?”
”They’ll often dissociate when something familiar’s out of place.”
Ruth: “... I think you’re beginning to sound like one of those kindergarten hysterics... Her father passed away last year.”
”... I don’t believe she needs to be treated...” (0:36)

Beerlander lists Sallys symptoms to his associate Adelle: “... autistic scream, psychotic resistance to perceptual change, no affect...”
Denial, guilt...” (0:42)

Ruth asks Beerlander, “Now what is it you’re looking for... a concussion from a fall...?”
Beerlander: ”Your daughter’s demonstrating classic autistic features.”
Ruth: “Sally’s no more autistic than I am.”
Beerlander: ”Well, the first thing we’ll have to look for is a history of CNS dysfunction -- central nervous system, or as you have suggested, recent neurophysiological trauma.”
”... brain damage...” (0:42)

Ruth: “Don’t be an idiot, Lill.” (0:48)

Ruth tells Beerlander, “You can see that some of the angles are crazy... This is not the work of a retarded child.”
Beerlander: “We didn’t say she was retarded.”
”With a different history it would be symptomatic.”
Ruth: “Symptomatic...? Are you crazy?” (0:52)

Beerlander tells Ruth, “I have 38 people here... who have been variously diagnosed and misdiagnosed... as retarded, autistic, insane, schizophrenic, epileptic, brain damaged... crack babies...”
Young patient Joey repeats whatever his mother Gloria says. (0:53)

Ruth tells a judge, “Oh, that’s crazy.”
Beerlander: “The child needs treatment now.”
Ruth: “No, the child does not need treatment.” (1:12)