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House on Haunted Hill

CastVincent Price, Elisha Cook Jr., Carol Ohmart, Alan Marshal, Richard Long, Carolyn Craig, Julie Mitchum, Leona Anderson, Howard Hoffman
Year released1959
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Watson Pritchard, referring to his house: " since it was built a century ago, seven people, including my brother, have been murdered in it." (0:00)

Wealthy Frederick Loren: "This is Dr. David Trent, a psychiatrist. He claims that my ghosts will help his work on hysteria, but don't you see a little touch of greed there, around the mouth and eyes?" (0:02)

Frederick tells his wife Annabelle, "I wanted kind of a cross-section, from psychiatrist to typist, and from drunk to jet pilot."
”Your possessiveness is maddening.” (0:09)

David: "The wife, probably in a rage, threatened the husband with the knife, and then, carried away by hysteria, took a swing at him, and simply went on from there" (0:12)

"Ghosts, etcetera, being only creations of hysteria, your party should be a success." (0:14)

Test pilot Lance Schroeder tells Frederick's employee Nora Manning, "I've done it in planes, seen things that weren't really there, or were they?" (0:18)

Lance tells the others, "I bumped my head." (0:21)

David: "That, Mr. Loren, is hysteria."
Frederick, referring to Lance's injury: ”Was that hysteria too?” (0:22)

Annabelle asks Nora, referring to Nora's room, "Depressing, isn't it?" (0:27)

Annabelle tells Lance, "My husband is sometimes insane with jealousy." (0:30)

Frederick tails Annabelle, referring to David and Lance, "The saturnine psychiatrist bandaged him up." (0:31)

Frederick: "Well, doctor, it looks like we have a real case of hysteria on our hands."
David: ”I think she's just a little upset, not hysterical.” (0:34)

David asks Nora, "Would you care for a sedative?" (0:40)

David tells the others, referring to Nora, "I wish she'd taken the sedative."
Frederick tells Annabelle, referring to Watson, ”He's too drunk to know what he's talking about.” (0:40)

David tells Frederick, "Your wife hanged herself."
Frederick: ”A suicide.” (0:44)

Lance tells Nora, referring to Annabelle, "Lauren said she committed suicide..." (0:46)

Frederick tells Watson, "You're drunk. You're drunk."
”Get out, you sot...” (0:49)

David tells the others, "... one of us has been driven to the brink of absolute hysteria... suicide?"
David asks Frederick, ”Do you think your wife killed herself?” (0:50)

David tells Annabelle, referring to Nora, "You were wonderful, just the touch that drove her into complete hysteria."
”An hysterical girl accidentally shoots something?”
Annabelle: ”What about my suicide?”
”Now Nora’s almost out of her mind with fear.” (1:05)

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