How Have the CPT Changes Impacted You?

More than four months since I outlined my approach to the January 1 CPT Coding Cliff I have experienced no change. My patients pay at the time of service; we provide a claim form; and no one seems to have noticed, if only, perhaps, becuase no one has yet exhausted their deductible.

I have picked up mixed signals from elsewhere. Comments here indicate some psychiatrists have suddenly started checking vital signs. Some psychiatrists report increased reimbursement from payers. Others report increased confusion.

A group of plaintiffs has filed a lawsuit claiming failure provide parity in reimbursement by the Athena health plan.

How have the new codes affected you as a patient? Must you pay more until your deductible is exhausted? Can you predict from visit to vist how much your treatment provider will charge? Have the changes detracted from your time with your provider?

How have the new codes affected you as a provider? Have your patients complained? Has your reimbursement increase or decreased? Have coding demands detracted from your time with patients? Have you devoted more time to documentation? Do you worry that auditors will find your documentation lacking or even fraudulent? Have you settled into a routine, or do questions about proper coding still arise?

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