How $MUCH.00 for the Psychiatrist?

Pennsylvania psychiatrist Levin sounds like he's working very hard to make money for retirement (Talk Isn't as Cheap as Drugs), but is he making too much? How much should I psychiatrist make? Yearly? Weekly? Hourly? Remember even a newly minted board eligible psychiatrist has completed four years of college, four years of medical school, and a four year residency.

Keep in mind what attorneys charge per hour, automobile mechanics, accountants and neurosurgeons. Physical therapists. Chiropracters.

Psychotherapy or medication management.

Also, include overhead: vacation, sick leave, malpractice insurance, office staff, office rent, furnishing and maintenance, continuing education, telephone and information technology.

What's it worth to you?

Now think about insurance. How much would you be willing to have your monthly health insurance premium go up to pay for psychiatrists to do unlimited psychotherapy. Four days a week, five or more years. Not just you paying higher premiums. Everyone.

What am I worth as a "therapist" and as a physician? How much?

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