Hug a Narcissist

What happened to empathy? Narcissists are people too. But narcissism seems to have become the new universal pejorative label with which to criticize, externalize or marginalize someone you dislike. It's the new borderline. Narcissism has become the whipping boy for anything you want to see as a problem in society, especially if you can associate it with bad parenting.

Don't bother to examine the individual or obtain information about their personality functioning over much of their life. Watch them on TV or observe them at a party for a few moments, and you can make the diagnosis. Even rank amateurs can do it.

Want to improve your appearance? Narcissism. Watch movies about superheroes? Narcissism. Use Facebook? Narcissism. Send tweets to your followers about what you are doing? Narcissism. Use a smart phone? Narcissism. Feel good about yourself? Narcissism.

Mother Teresa got a kick out of helping others? Narcissism. Big time.

Blame it on the Me Generation and the Self Esteem Movement. Ayn Rand and Nathaniel Branden.

Can these narcissists, human beings like you and me, really be the root of all that evil?

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