ICD-10 Silver Lining

I do not want to need emergency care on October 1 when the payers exercise their power, purporting to save medical dollars by forcing on medical providers tens of thousands of new diagnostic codes addressing everything from burning water skis to crashing space ships. I hope the drive to use the correct code -- and the one that gets the best reimbursement -- will not distract from provision of care.

I recently received an email communication from  David Knoepfler, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the only hospital whose staff I belong to, Overlake Hospital, that gives me some hope after a long running battle with this facility to promote communication between hospital staff and community physicians to better coordinate patient care.

According to Dr. Knoepfler, “In the event Overlake receives referrals lacking a ICD-10 diagnosis code, our staff will contact the referring office/ordering Provider to correct this oversight.”

If omitting the ICD-10 code (finally) gets coordination of care with hospital staff, bring it on. I will definitely not provide that code.

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