If you're suicidal hang up and call the crisis line.

Despite the ubiquitous "If this is an emergency, hang up and dial 911" message I wonder how many patients who are sufficiently ambivalent about ending their lives to call their psychiatrist would call 911 instead. There seems to be an expectation (standard of care?) that psychiatrists can somehow talk them out of it over the phone, or attempt to stop the patient by involving 911 or other resources. I find it ironic that many argue that video conference (eg, Skype) is inadequate for even routine psychiatric encounters and yet expect psychiatrists to, on the spur of the moment, handle a life or death situation over the phone. Why not send these calls to the people who handle them all the time, crisis lines, and stop trying to be the hero like one of those movie psychiatrists? In Sybil Dr. Wilbur goes to her patient's apartment to rescue her. How far should one go to stop the patient from killing herself? Why stop with a telephone call?

Should we pretend to do something we cannot do? Does providing access outside of an appointment encourage or reward dysfunctional and potentially dangerous behavior?

"If you're suicidal, leave a message and you'll get a free telephone session with your physician who wants to be your hero and rescue you and provide you with attention and make you cared for, warm and fuzzy."

I am challenging an irrational myth which has become to some degree standard of care, at the very least an expectation, just because we perpetuate the illusion, a myth that interferes with providing appropriate after-hours assistance to patients. Does the fear of malpractice suits force us to do what may not be in the best interest of the patient, practicing what I call make-believe medicine?

As a physician I want to provide access by telephone after hours, but talking to me by phone is no substitute for going to an emergency room. I don't pretend to be capable of talking anyone out of any kind of bad behavior. Is there any evidence that any of us is capable of doing that? (other than in the movies)

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