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Knock On Wood

Danny Kaye, Mai Zetterling
Sigmund Freud
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Manager Marty tells ventriloquist Jerry he has scheduled an appointment with him for a doctor in Zurich he says is "Sort of a psychiatrist." Jerry asks, "A headshrinker?!" (0:07)

Marty gives Jerry a sleeping pill: "Here Jerry, you'd better take this pill and get a good night's sleep."
Jerry objects to the side effect: "They always make me so groggy."
Jerry worries about whether the doctor will think he's crazy just because he is peculiar. "I think I'm a little bit peculiar, but that's not crazy."
"You wouldn't be put away simply because people said that you were peculiar." (0:24)

Jerry awakens to find he shares the hotel room of psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Ilse. He tries to explain: "You see, I took a sleeping pill last night." (0:28)

During his consultation psychoanalyst Dr. Krueger tells Jerry, "A psychoanalyst who practices in London... is here..." (0:34)

Dr. Krueger asks Ilse to "prepare the injection."
She returns with a needle and syringe and after more banter injects Jerry's arm: "You will have a deep sleep and talk freely." Jerry nods off then recalls his childhood. Amytal interview? (0:35)

Ilse observes to Jerry as they sit together in an airplane: "These dependency feelings could be one of your basic problems."
When Jerry invites her to dinner she confronts him about professional boundaries and transference: "Our relationship must be completely and strictly impersonal... In almost every therapy the patient becomes emotionally involved with his analyst... You may even get the notion that you are in love with me." (0:44)

In a session with Jerry Ilse explains how the treatment will work: "I want you to say anything that comes into your mind." (0:47)

Later Ilse tells Jerry a little about herself: "I became a doctor and then an analyst." When Jerry persists in asking her to talk about herself she admits their attempt to work together was "a dreadful mistake" and promises, "I'll see that you get a competent male analyst." (0:48)

Jerry reads "Sigmund Freud: A General Introrduction to Psychoanalysis" in his hotel room. Now taking on the role of psychoanalyst for Ilse he shares his formulation of her case: "All you've got is a little guilt complex... You're a victim of obsessive reproaches... hidden in the unconscious mind... You're regressing, and regression is a defense mechanism used against guilt feelings rationalized again and again... gratification of the Oedipus..." He interprets her survivor guilt, suggesting she has been "punishing yourself because you didn't die too." (0:50)