Lee Silverman, MD: Hero Psychiatrist

One week ago today, according to news reports, psychiatrist Lee Silverman, MD, after watching his patient of many years shoot and kill another staff member and wound Dr. Silverman with two bullets, used his own firearm to shoot the patient, probably saving dozens of lives. At least part of the shooter’s motivation may have arisen from the clinic policy against carrying firearms which Dr. Silverman himself may have violated. Although an administrator from Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby, Pennsylvania praised Dr. Silverman many physicians have speculated about the possibility that Dr. Silverman could face later disciplinary action.

Concealed carry advocates have argued for years that posting signs prohibiting firearms only serves to assure potential wrong doers that no armed civilians will likely stop them.

Dr. Silverman is a true hero, not only for stopping a potential rampage, but also, perhaps, for his defiance of a rule that might have prevented him from doing so. Support him, and oppose any effort to impose negative consequences on him.

Now is the time for hospitals and clinics to consider removing signs aimed at discouraging concealed carry of firearms.

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