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Mame (1974)

Lucille Ball, Bea Arthur, Robert Preston, Bruce Davison, Kirby Furlong, Jane Connell, Joyce Van Patten, Don Porter, Audrey Christie
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Mame’s friend Vera faints when Mame tells her she (Mame) will take care of her young nephew Patrick. (0:12)

Mame tells Patrick, “You Auntie Mame is hung.”
”It'll give your libido a good shaking up.”
Patrick: ”What's libido?” (0:14)

Vera tells banker Mr. Babcock, “However, in Fallen Angel, all my clothes were done by Chanel.” (0:25)

Butler Ito: “Miss Dennis, your accountant wants to say hello before he jumps out the window.”
Her broker Fred Kates tells Mame, “The market's gone crazy.”(0:27)

Vera tells Mame, “... only he's a terrible alcoholic.” (0:31)

Mame tells Mr. Gorgon, “You got me so nervous I knotted the laces.” (0:46)

Mame tells the others, “I refuse to let the depression depress us.” (0:49)

Mame tells the others, “I never expected Santa Claus to look so much like Rhett Butler.” (0:57)

Cousin Fan tells Mother Burnside, referring to horse Lightning Rod, “I thought he went mad.” (1:04)

Gloria Upson tells Mame, “At my college I had this fantastic psychology class and marvelous professor.” (1:38)

Patrick tells Mame, “You and your crazy friends.”
Mame: “My friends are not crazy.” (1:52)

Reference in Connie and Carla