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Me Before You

Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin, Janet McTeer, Charles Dance, Brendan Coyle
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Josie tells her husband Bernard, “Let’s not panic, eh?” (0:04)

Employment counselor Syed, tells client Lou, Josie and Bernard’s daughter, about a job listing for “Care and companionship for a disabled man...” (0:05)

Lou tells Camilla, “When I’m nervous I just say stupid stuff.” (0:09)

Lou asks caretaker Nathan, “I have to handle drugs?”
Nathan: “You can give him painkillers if he asks. Just try to resist giving him sleeping pills if possible. They’ll make him a little bit... irritable... more irritable.”
”I have some other patients.” (0:13)

Nathan asks Lou, referring to Camilla’s quadriplegic Will, “He done his Stephen Hawking impression yet or just stuck with My Left Foot?” (0:16)

His friend Rupert tells Will, “Yeah, things are manic at the office, too.” (0:22)

Will tells Lou, “Spare me the cod psychology.” (0:24)

Will tells Lou he wants to watch “Des Hommes Et Des Dieux.” (0:26)

Will tells Lou, “E.T. is my favorite film.”
Lou: “E.T. is everyone’s favorite film.”
Will: “... and I’ve got a soft spot for Armageddon.”
”Bruce Willis, oil driller, has to save the world from an asteroid.” (0:28)

Nathan tells Lou, referring to Will, “He’s in a good mood.” (0:29)

Movie poster: All About My Mother (0:30)

Lou asks Will, “Can I get you some painkillers?” (0:32)

Lou asks Will, “Some drugs or something?” (0:33)

Lou tells Nathan, referring to Will, “I did give him painkillers.” (0:34)

Lou tells Will, referring to Bernard, “... if I told you what he said back, you’d think I was insane.”
Will: “You’re insane. Your whole family’s insane...” (0:37)

Lou tells Will, “... develop an insane Pilates habit...” (0:41)

Camilla tells Will’s father Steven, “I cannot believe that you are willing to help our son end his life.” (0:44)

Lou tells her sister Treena, “I’m basically just on suicide watch.”
Treena: “No, not you, idiot girl... Ask the Traynor’s for a budget, and go crazy.” (0:46)

Will takes Lou, “You look like a madwoman, an oddly cheerful madwoman.” (0:48)

Lou tells Will, “This is nuts.” (0:52)

Will tells Lou, “I get nervous when a girl asks me to meet her parents.” (0:58)

Lou tells Will, “Just so you know, if you do the My Left Foot Thing, I will drive home...” (1:09)

Will ex-lover Alicia’s god mother Mary tells Lou, “This is a bit depressing. Still, one can’t do these things sober.”
”Certainly, and I firmly encourage you to get as drunk as possible.” (1:11)

Her boyfriend Patrick tells Lou, “I am an idiot...” (1:21)

Will tells Lou, “I can’t watch you wandering around the annex in your crazy dresses.” (1:29)

Josie tells the others, referring to Will, “He’s not in his right mind.” (1:36)

Lou reads a letter from Will: “Don’t start panicking.” (1:44)