"Medical" Marijuana and Prescription Monitoring

Having run state prescription monitoring program reports on a few patients who report use of "medical" (Yes, I'm skeptical.) marijuana I wonder what should prevent the drug's inclusion. If the law requires pharmacies to report dispensing drugs from Schedules II-V, how hard could it be to require marijuana dispensaries to report this Schedule I drug? The same justification holds.

Physicians need to know what other physicians have prescribed, including marijuana. I certainly want that information about what my patients take, just as I want to know who prescribes what other controlled substances for them.

Marijuana should have a legal status similar to that of alcohol and tobacco, neither of which is scheduled despite the obvious danger and harm associated with them. Nobody talks about "medical tobacco." Leave us doctors out of it. But as long as doctors can authorize its use we should see it in monitoring reports along with oxycodone and alprazolam.

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