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Medical Record Bloat

A patient I have treated for 30 years has to find a new psychiatrist, but I doubt the new physician will want to store, much less read, the patient’s 4-5 inch thick chart. Too big to mail? More likely a .pdf “print” to fax from the cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) will have to suffice. By state regulation I can charge a $25 search fee and almost $1 per page to “copy” the chart. I suspect this one will come to hundreds of dollars, probably not a good value.

EMR has only exacerbated the problem with copy/paste, boilerplate and checkboxes adding to the bloat with useless and distracting repetition.

Maybe this explains the rarity of record requests I have received in the past few years.

For my part the agreement each patient signs when they enter my practice stipulates that they will obtain records from former clinicians. I cannot remember the last time I received one.

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