More on generic buprenorphine/naloxone

Maybe I spoke too soon. Amid accusations of anti-competitive practices Reckitt-Benckiser's branded film remains cheaper than the generic sublingual film, especially with use of the coupon. I have found no pharmacy to carry the generic except Rite-Aid. Ultimately the pharmacy sets the price, but I understand that pharmacies make more money selling generics than brand-name drugs.

Why would a patient pay more for the tablet when the branded film comes in those individual wrappers, dissolves faster, and may taste better? Can an abuser abuse the tablets more readily? Do they fetch higher prices on the street? So far none of my patients has opted for the generic tablets, but a few still want the brand tablets, and some pharmacies still have them. A Group Health pharmacist just told me their pharmacy plans to replace tablets with brand film starting next month with no plans yet regarding generic tablets.

I suspect further adjustments in price will occur between the brand film and generic tablets over the next few months, especially when the generics of both companies start filling the shelves. Expect approval of the buprenorphine implant to further impact pricing. Availability of film in 4mg and 12mg doses, at current prices, does not seem to offer great advantage over the 8mg size.

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