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12 Monkeys

Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Christopher Plummer, Madeleine Stowe, Christopher Meloni, David Morse, Jon Seda, Michael Chance, Frederick Strother, Rick Warner
chlorpromazine | Thorazine | haloperidol | Haldol | trifluoperazine | Stelazine
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Title: “Excerpts from interview with clinically diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, April 12, 1990 - Baltimore County Hospital.” (0:00)

Lecturer, quoting a poet: “Yesterday, this day’s madness did prepare tomorrow’s silent triumph or despair.” (0:11)

A detective tells psychiatrist Kathryn, referring to a prisoner, “He gets agitated, starts screaming about viruses. Totally irrational, totally disoriented. Doesn’t know where he is, what day of the week it is... Of course they figured he’s stoned out of his mind. Some kind of psychotic episode.”
Kathryn: “He’s been tested for drugs?”
Detective: “Negative for drugs, but he took on five cops like he was dusted to the eyeballs. No drugs.”
Kathryn: “He’s in restraints.”
Detective: “Yeah, he’s in restraints, and the medic gave him enough Stelazine to kill a horse.” (0:12)

Kathryn tells prisoner James, “My name is Kathryn Railly. I’m a psychiatrist.”
”Have you been a patient at County?” (0:13)

A prison guard tells James, “You fooled the shrink...” (0:15)

An attendant escorts James into a psychiatric hospital day room. Patient Jeffrey: “I’ll give him the deluxe mental hospital tour.” (0:16)

Jeffrey tells James, “If you play the games, you’re voluntarily taking a tranquilizer. I guess they gave you some chemical restraints, huh. Drugs. What’d they give you, Thorazine, Haldol? Learn your drugs. Know your doses.”
”If all of these nuts could just make phone calls it could spread insanity, oozing through telephone cables, oozing to the ears of all these poor sane people, infecting them. Wackos everywhere, a plague of madness... Jim, very few of us here are actually mentally ill. I’m not saying you’re not mentally ill. For all I know you’re crazy as a loon...”
Jeffrey appears to display a tic and pressured speech.
“You’re mentally ill... Now he, he was nuts. He was a fruitcake, Jim.” (0:18)

Patient L.J. tells James, of his apparent delusions, “But even though this is a totally convincing reality for me in every way, nevertheless, Ogo is actually a construct of my psyche. I am mentally divergent.” (0:20)

James tells a panel of doctors, “This is a place for crazy people. I’m not crazy.”
Doctor: ”We don’t use that term ‘crazy’ Mr. Cole.”
James: “You’ve got some real nuts here.” (0:21)

Jeffrey tells James, “They’re protecting the people on the outside from us, but the people on the outside are crazy as us.”
”Do you know what ‘crazy’ is? ‘Crazy’ is majority rules.”
”No sane person anyway.”
”Referring to Ignaz Semmelweis, “What is this guy, crazy?... Now, he’s crazy, right?”
James: “I’m not crazy.”
Jeffrey: “That’s very sane. That’s very sane.”
James: “Because I would be crazy to escape.”
”And when my father finds out I’m in this kind of place, he’ll have them transfer me to one of those classy joints... with great drugs for all of us nut case lunatic maniac devils.”
”I got a little agitated... I’m a mental patient. I’m supposed to act out. Wait tell you morons find out who I am!” (0:25)

Television: “We’ll return you to the Marx Brothers in Monkey Business.” (0:30)

Jeffrey tells James, “They really dosed you.” (0:31)

James in restraints yells, “No more drugs. No more drugs.”
Kathryn: “You’re very confused.”
James: “No drugs!”
James restrained in isolation room. (0:36)

Dr. Fletcher tells Kathryn, referring to James, “He should’ve been in restraints.” (0:36)

Dr. Fletcher, referring to James: “He was fully restrained...”
”And he was fully sedated?”
Kathryn: “He was fully sedated.”
Fletcher: “Then, are you trying to tell me a fully sedated, fully restrained patient somehow slipped out...” (0:37)

A man outside his cell asks James about his experience of 1990, “Good drugs?” (0:39)

A scientist asks James, referring to time, “Did you waste it on drugs...?”
James: “They forced me to take drugs.”
”Why would someone force you to take drugs?”
”Maybe in the mental institution.”
Microbiologist: “You were in a mental institution?” (0:40)

Sign: “Madness and Apocalyptic Visions” (0:44)

Kathryn lectures: “During such an attack... we have an account of this soldier, who, during an assault, was... hospitalized, apparently in a state of hysteria... Though injured, the young soldier disappeared from the hospital... and substituting for the agony of war a self-inflicted agony we call the Cassandra complex.” (0:45)

Dr. Peters tells Kathryn, “In this context isn’t it obvious that Chicken Little represents the sane vision and that Homo sapiens’ motto, ‘Let’s go shopping.’ is the cry of the true lunatic?” (0:47)

Kathryn tells James, “It’s not really a special message to you.” (0:51)

Voice mail message: “Hello, Dr. Railly, this is Wick from psych admitting. Do you remember James Cole, the paranoid who pulled the Houdini back in ‘90?” (0:53)

Television reporter: “Kathryn Railly, prominent psychiatrist and the author of a newly released book on insanity disappeared... Former mental patient James Cole is wanted for questioning...” (0:56)

James tells Kathryn, “You won’t think I’m crazy when people start dying next month.”
”Don’t you do anything crazy, or I’ll hurt somebody..”
Kathryn: “I’m not gonna do anything crazy...” (0:59)

Kathryn: “Please, I’m a psychiatrist. Just do whatever he tells you to do. He’s disturbed.” (1:04)

Kathryn tells James, “You’re delusional.”
”You were both patients at County Hospital.”
James: “Jeffrey Goines was a fruitcake.”
Kathryn: “This is insane.”
Radio reporter: “... prominent psychiatrist and author Dr. Kathryn Railly has been abducted by a dangerous mental patient, James Cole.” (1:07)

James tells Jeffrey, “You’re trying to confuse me.”

Jeffrey: “You are a total nut-case, completely deranged, delusional, paranoid.”
”You’ve processed that information through your addled paranoid infrastructure.” (1:13)

James tells Kathryn, “It was all so fuzzy and the drugs and all.”
”Wouldn’t it be great if I was crazy?” (1:16)

Police detective Jim tells Kathryn, “Maybe you can help explain it to me, you being a psychiatrist and all. (1:19)

Television reporter: “The author and psychiatrist is currently in seclusion at her home. Meantime, police have pieced together a scenario of the series of events that began with escaped mental patient James Cole.”
Kathryn: “I’m just hyperalert. I can’t sleep.”
Kathryn’s friend: ”Did you take your sedative?” (1:19)

Scientist, addressing James: “You’re still a little disoriented.”
Scientist: ”It is a stressful thing, time travel.”
James restrained in a hospital bed: “I am insane, and you are my insanity.” (1:21)

Fletcher tells Kathryn, “You’re under tremendous emotional stress.”
”You’re a trained psychiatrist.”
”Psychiatry: It’s the latest religion... We decide who’s crazy or not.” (1:23)

James restrained in hospital bed. (1:23)

Scientist: “You haven’t become addicted, have you, Cole, to that dying world?”
James: “It’s just too stressful. It’s very confusing...” (1:26)

Virologist Dr. Goines, Jeffrey’s father: “Women psychiatrists!” (1:28)

His assistant Dr. Peters asks Dr. Goines, referring to Kathryn, “Has she succumbed to her own theoretical Cassandra disease?” (1:28)

Botanist: “If the symptoms were first detected...” (1:29)

Jeffrey tells the other FAA members, “Why don’t we forget about my psychiatrist...”
Male member: “Your psychiatrist? Did you just say your psychiatrist?”
Jeffrey: “Ex-psychiatrist.”
Male: “This woman was your psychiatrist and now she’s spray-painting our building?” (1:31)

James tells Kathryn, “I’m not crazy anymore.” (1:32)

FAA man: “It’s probably just another kidnapping featuring Jeffrey’s shrink. Make that ex-shrink. This is your leader, a certifiable lunatic who told his former psychiatrist all his plans for God knows what wacko irresponsible schemes?”
Jeffrey: “Who cares what psychiatrists write on walls?”
Man: “He’s seriously crazy.” (1:32)

James tells hotel clerk Charlie, “She’s... my psychiatrist.” (1:36)

James tells Kathryn, “I am mentally ill.”
”Look, you said that I had delusions...”
”Is this real, or is it one of my delusions?”
”Just in case I’m not crazy.” (1:37)

Pimp Wallace tells the police, “I was attacked by a coked-up whore and a... crazy dentist.” (1:41)

Kathryn tells James, “We’re insane. We’re crazy.”
”Wait’ll they hear this nutty woman...” (1:42)

Dr. Goines tells Jeffrey, “That lady, your psychiatrist? She told me... It just seemed too crazy, even for you.”
”You’re completely insane.” (1:45)

Scene from Vertigo. James asks Kathryn, “What if I am crazy?” (1:46)

Scene from The Birds. (1:49)

Time traveler Jose tells James, “That was nuts.”
James: “Are you crazy?” (1:56)

Kathryn, referring to Dr. Peters: “James, Dr. Goines’ assistant, he’s an apocalypse nut.” (1:58)

A boarding agent asks Kathryn, “Who are you calling a moron?”
Kathryn: “I’m calling you a... moron.”
Agent: ”... moron?” (2:00)

Astrophysicist: “It’s obscene, all the violence, all the lunacy.” (2:04)

Reference in Can't Hardly Wait