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13 Going on 30

CastJennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, Judy Greer, Andy Serkis
Year released2004
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Her friend, neighbor and schoolmate Matty Flamhaff asks Jenna Rink, "You know how you always wanted a Barbie Dream House?”
“I decided to make you your own Jenna dream house." 
”... make all your dreams come true.” (0:06)

Jenna tells Matty, "... I hate me..." (0:12)

Magazine editor Jenna, appearing disoriented and amnesic for the past 17 years: "Oh, this is a dream, a really weird dream." (0:15)

Her friend and coworker Lucy “Tom-Tom” Wyman tells Jenna, "You’re being a little paranoid." 
Jenna: ”... some really weird dream...” 
”... I’m not gonna let anyone know I’m hungover.” 
Jenna: ”... I’m not hungover... I’m gonna not let anyone know I’m hungover.” (0:17)

Lucy tells the others, "Jenna’s a little hungover today." (0:21)

Poster: Blue Velvet
Matt asks Jenna, ”Are you high? You been smoking pot, doing X, falling into the K-hole? You doing drugs?” 
Jenna: ”It’s like a weird dream. I can’t remember my life. You need to help me remember my life.” (0:26)

Matt tells Jenna, "The most depressing years of my life..." 
Jenna: ”What if this isn’t just a dream?...” (0:29)

Sign: Mamma Mia (0:34)

Jenna tells magazine editor Trish Sackett, "... you are rude and mean..." (0:36)

Matt asks Jenna, "What, are you crazy?" (0:39)

From Here to Eternity on television. (0:42)

Hockey star Alex Carlson tells the others, "... I’m in such a good mood." (0:45)

Jenna reads a note from Alex: "Sweet Bottom, you seem uptight..." (0:51)

Lucy tells a coworker, "... I’m getting so sick of... this crazy new act that she has going on..." (0:53)

Matt tells Jenna, "No, I haven’t gotten crazy like that about a girl since high school..." 
”... you threw at me... the impressive dream house I built for you...” (0:54)

One of the young girls tells Jenna, "Well, at least you have something to dream about." (1:09)

Her boss Richard tells Jenna, "I’m really freaking out here." (1:12)

Lucy presents a new campaign: "... It will go heroin chic one better. It will O.D.... fashion suicide..." (1:13)

Jenna presents: "... I know you might... think I’m completely crazy..." (1:13)

Lucy tells Matt, "Old habits die hard, you know?" (1:18)

Lucy tells Jenna, “... you can wipe off the doe-eyed-Bambi-watching-her-mother-get-shot... look from your face." (1:22)

Matt tells Jenna, "... you don’t always get the dream house..." (1:28)

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