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1st Night

Richard E. Grant, Sarah Brightman, Mía Maestro, Julian Ovenden, Oliver Dimsdale, Susannah Fielding, Nigel Lindsay, Tessa Peake-Jones
Spoiler alert
Blog entry

Woman off camera: “Looked like a meerkat on speed.” (0:24)

Singer Tom tells Singer Adam, “You’re drunk. (0:28)

Conductor Celia asks Adam, “What idiot made this bet with him anyway?” (0:32)

Singer Martin’s and Tom’s characters drink poison from bottles. Suicide? (0:50, 052)

Tom tells Singer Nicoletta, “You’re the most uptight person I’ve ever met.” (0:55)

Tom: “It’s just nerves.”
Nicoletta: “You suffer from nerves?” (1:06)

Director Philip tells Singer Debbie, referring to Mrs. Hammond, “She’s obsessed with her dog.” (1:11)

Groundskeeper Eric tells Singer Adam, “Dog’s getting pissed, sir.” (1:17)

Eric Tells Debbie, “I remember I used to get nervous before concerts...” (1:33)