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2 Days in New York

Julie Delpy, Chris Rock, Albert Delpy, Alexia Landeau, Alexandre Nahon, Kate Burton, Dylan Baker, Daniel Brühl, Talen Ruth Riley, Owen Shipman
marijuana | Françoise Dolto
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Photographer Marion tells her lover journalist Mingus, referring to her sister's lover Manu, "He's totally delusional."
"He's mildly schizophrenic."
Mingus: "Mildly schizophrenic? You can't be mildly schizophrenic... hear the nice voices talking to him...?" (0:09)

Manu asks Marion, "Got any weed?"
Marion: "No, I don't have any weed."
Manu asks Magnus, "Do you know where I can score some good New York weed?" (0:17)

Marion tells her psychologist sister Rose, referring to Marion's son Lulu, "My son's not autistic."
Mingus: "We know Lulu's not autistic." (0:25)

Marion asks Mingus, referring to Rose, "You know what she told me? 'Lulu is autistic.' Okay?" (0:27)

Marion: "Is he a drug dealer?"
Manu buys marijuana.
"Buy your dope outside." (0:28)

Manu and Rose share a joint.
Manu: "I'm really high!" (0:31)

Marion tells Mingus, "I mean she's an exhibitionist... used to be a nympho." (0:31)

Rose asks Manu, "Still got a roach?" He hands it to her, and she lights it.
Bella, a neighbor writing the elevator asks them, "Wait a minute. Is that a joint?"
Rose: "Yes. It's okay... psychiatrist prescribed for my condition... I suffer from panic attacks."
Manu: "Me to. Big ones. Smoke up! It'll turn into one big bong! Let's get the old bitch high." (0:32)

Bella tells Marion, "Well your sister and some guy were in the elevator smoking pot." (0:39)

Marion asks Manu and Rose, "Did you smoke pot in the elevator?" (0:41)

Bellows urologist husband tells Marion, referring to her head CT scan, "If you didn't have these holes, you'd be severely retarded."
Mingus: "Insane behavior!" (0:47)

Manu tells Mingus's friend Justin, "If I may say so you did a... great job in all them Kumar go to White Castle..." (0:55)

Mingus's daughter Willow asks Marion's father Jeannot, "Are you an alcoholic?" (1:01)

Jeannot tells Marion, "Oh, Manu rolled a joint in front of the police station." (1:03)

Rose tells Mingus's parents, Carol and Lee, "So you know I'm a psychologist too, but my specialty is that I work with children."
Carol: "Are you familiar with the work of Françoise Dolto?"
Rose: "I wrote my dissertation on the work of Dolto at the Sorbonne."
Rose tells Jeannot, "Dad, they know Dolto."
Carol: "So insightful" (1:07)

Jeannot tells Carol and Lee, referring to one of Marion's photographs, "S & M." (1:08)

A gallery patron tells another, referring to Willow, "A little girl in a fairy costume who deals drugs!" (1:12)

Mingus tells Rose, "You're a shrink for kids." (1:18)