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21 Grams

Sean Penn, Naomi Watts, Benicio Del Toro, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Melissa Leo, Clea DuVall, Danny Huston, Carly Nahon, Claire Pakis, Nick Nichols, John Rubinstein, Eddie Marsan
cocaine | ketamine | phencyclidine
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Cristina snorts cocaine. (0:05)

Math professor Paul tells his wife Mary, “If I don’t smoke, I’ll go... nuts.”
Mary: “Better nuts than dead.” (0:13)

Golf caddy Jack tells his boss Brown, “I’m clean.”
Brown: ”Look, I know you're clean.” (0:15)

Hitting his young son Freddy, Jack says, “There’s no hitting in this house.” (0:19)

Jack’s wife Marianne asks his sister, “You out of your mind?” (0:24)

When Dr. Jones tells Cristina, referring to her daughters, “They both died in the accident.” grief overcomes her. (0:33)

Paul’s friend’s gesture suggests Male Erectile Disorder. (0:45)

Funeral for Cristina’s husband and daughters. Her father tells Cristina, “When you mother died, I thought I wasn’t going to make it. I felt the world was falling on me and that I was never going to get up.”
Cristina: “You know what I thought when Mom died I couldn’t understand how you could talk to people again, how you could laugh... again... how you could play with us.” (0:46)

Paul’s detective tells him that Jack’s history includes “... drugs... alcoholism...” (0:50)

Her friend tells Cristina, “I got Special K, angel dust... R-2...”
Cristina: “I’m not into chemicals.” (0:58)

Jack fails in an attempt to hang himself in the jail shower. (0:59)

Cristina tells Paul, “I don’t remember.” (1:07)

Cristina tells Paul, “If I didn’t swim or walk or do something, I think I’d go crazy.” (1:16)

Paul finds a packet of cocaine in Cristina’s drawer. (1:37)

Cristina cries as she listens to the last recording of her family. (1:42)

Jack cuts and burns his arm. (1:44)

Cristina snorts cocaine. (1:44)

Dr. Badnews tells Cristina, “We found very high levels of illegal substances in your blood.”
”In your state I suggest you stop using these substances.” (1:49)

Paul shoots himself in the chest. (1:54)

González Iñárritu's Trilogy of Death: Amores Peros | 21 Grams | Babel