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21 Jump Street

Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Brie Larson, Dave Franco, Rob Riggle, DeRay Davis, Ice Cube, Dax Flame, Chris Parnell, Ellie Kemper
Robert John Downey, Jr. | Willie Nelson | cocaine | marijuana
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Officer Schmidt tells Officer Jenko, “These guys are, like, big time drug dealers.”
Close up of joint changing hands.”
Cannabis sativa.” (0:05)

Jenko asks a group of men, “Have we forgotten that the use of marijuana is illegal?”
One-Percenter gang man: “I get nervous in crowds.”
One-Percenter gang man: “If those boys is cops, I’m DEA.”
Schmidt: “That’s actual drugs.” (0:06)

Deputy Chief Hardy tells Schmidt and Jenko, “I think you idiots are perfect.” (0:11)

Capt. Dickson: “It’s a new synthetic drug. Goes by the street name H.F.S.
”His parents found him ODd in his room a few days ago.”
”Right now, H.F.S. is contained right there at Sagan High. Now once this drug breaks containment it goes viral in a few days.”
”That’s what we think they’re cooking the dope with.”
”Infiltrate the dealers.”
”Infiltrate the dealers.”
Jenko: “But if we find the supplier first, we don’t have to worry about the dealers.”
”Infiltrate the dealers.” (0:14)

Schmidt tells Korean Jesus, “I’m really freaked out about going back to high school.” (0:17)

Schmidt tells his parents, “Because I’ve told it to a therapist about 8000 times.” (0:19)

Jenko tells Schmidt, “I’m so confused right now.” (0:23)

Schmidt tells student Juario, “In a weird way it might have been homophobic not to punch you just because you were gay.” (0:24)

Principal Didier tells Schmidt and Jenko, “A kid died the other day because of drug... I am one more black gay kid getting punched in the face away from a nervous breakdown.” (0:25)

Drama teacher Mr. Gordon, “I remember one time doing cocaine with Willie Nelson’s horse...” (0:26)

Jenko tells student Eric, “Totally, very nervous.”
Schmidt: ”You’re the dealer? You’re the dealer guy?”
”One pop each of drugs.”
Jenko: “I love doing drugs at school.”
Schmidt: ”I’ll just take the drugs right here...”
They each eat wafers. Effects kick in later. (0:31)

Coach: “Are you guys on drugs?” (0:36)

Jenko: “Okay Captain, look, the dealers are the popular kids...”
Schmidt: “Lead dealer Eric Monsoon.”
Dickson: “Are you autistic?”
”Infiltrate the dealers.”
Jenko: “Yeah, I’m about to infiltrate a... drug manufacturing ring...” (0:39)

Jenko asks a group of students, “Are you dealing drugs?” (0:41)

Schmidt asks Jenko, “How are we going to get drugs for the party?” (0:46)

Schmidt and Jenko break into “Evidence Lockup”

Jenko: “We got a pound of coke.”
”Pound of marijuana?” (0:47)

Party guest: “This is crazy. This is, like, the craziest thing...” (0:47)

Jenko asks a student, “Are you drunk?”
”Have you even been drunk before?” (0:49)

Schmidt: “That was insane!”
”That was crazy.” (0:52)

Schmidt’s parents share a joint. (0:52)

Eric tells Schmidt, “Dude, that was so crazy man.”
Schmidt: “Dude, I’m doing crazy stuff like that, like, all the time, man.”
Jenko: “That was nuts.” (0:54)

Schmidt’s mother Annie: “I partied with Robert Downey, Jr. before he got sober...” (0:55)

Schmidt: “You know how Tom Cruise is always pissed off at Rain Man?” (1:04)

Another undercover cop tells Schmidt and Jenko, “Your drug is spreading to different schools now, sucka.” (1:05)

Molly tells Schmidt, “I am so nervous.” (1:06)

Jenko tells Schmidt, “That’s just too crazy.”
”I don’t know, money, drugs...” (1:08)

Jenko tells Schmidt, “That was crazy.”
Schmidt: “If I miss this play, Molly’s gonna freak out...”
Jenko: “Have you lost your... mind?”
Schmidt: “At least I know my Miranda rights, you idiot.” (1:15)

Molly asks Schmidt, “Have you completely lost your mind?”
Schmidt calls Jenko “You stupid idiot.”
Jenko: “I heard you call me Rain Man...” (1:16)

Jenko tells Schmidt, “You know what’s crazy to me..?” (1:19)

Schmidt tells Eric, “That’s insane, man.” (1:20)

Schmidt asks Eric, “Are we really going to take down a whole drug operation by ourselves?” (1:23)

Coach Walters: “Then one day I catch Eco Butt-munch over here smoking a JJ behind the field house...”
Walters tells the One-Percenter, “You guys look crazy scary.”
Walters, referring to Molly: “She just passed out from the drugs.”
One-Percenter: “Tom Hanson, DEA.”
”Doug Penhall, DEA.” (1:26)

Schmidt tells Eric, “That was crazy.” (1:33)

Schmidt tells Eric, “Look, I’m sorry I called you Rain Man.” (1:39)

Schmidt tells Eric, “We’re, like, in the end of Die Hard right now, but it’s our actual life. It’s crazy.” (1:42)

Dickson tells Schmidt and Jenko, “Congratulations, you crazy, sick, vigilante...”
”Since you two cowboys like to... smoke weed with kids...” (1:42)

22 Jump Street