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22 Jump Street

Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Ice Cube, Dave Franco, Nick Offerman, Rob Riggle
Vincent van Gogh | 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | cocaine | heroin | mixed amphetamine salts | norepinephrine | Adderall | synthetic | WhyPhy | epinephrine
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Undercover cop Schmidt tells his partner Jenko, “Tell ‘em about that crazy adventure you guys had.”
Jenko: “Drugs?” (0:04)

Gangster Ghost tells his thug Scarface, “You stupid moron.” (0:07)

Capt. Dickson tells Jenko and Schmidt, “They’re cookin’ up a new drug. It’s Adderall mixed with ecstasy mixed with God knows what else.”
Jenko reads about “narcoticWhyPhy.’”
Dickson, referring to Cynthia, “That’s her buying drugs on campus, and that’s the dealer.”
”Infiltrate the dealer.” (0:11)

Schmidt tells the student Yang twins, “That’s crazy.” (0:15)

Schmidt tells Jenko, “So we’ll... ask around about the drug and find out who the dealer is.”
”List of Cythia’s classes: Psychology.” (0:16)

Professor Dr. Murphy: “Oh, ya’ll like psychology?”
A student asks Schmidt, “You looking for some WhyPhy?” (0:17)

A professor asks Jenko, “What has been the result of the war on drugs?”
Jenko: “Well, it’s definitely harder to get drugs.”
Prof: “The average price of cocaine has dropped 70% in the last 30 years.”
Jenko: “Then your dealer’s probably selling you some pretty stepped-on shit.” (0:18)

Schmidt tells Jenko, “That girl’s in my psych class.” (0:20)

Schmidt tells student Maya, “I think we’re in the same psych class.” (0:20)

Jenko tells Schmidt, “I hear you can get WhyPhy on campus...”
Schmidt: “Do you think they mean WhyPhy, the drug, or WiFi, like the Internet?”
Jenko: “How did we find the dealer so easy the first time?” (0:23)

Inmate Walters tells Schmidt and Jenko, “If it isn’t Turner and Hooch in the flesh.”
”It bleeds so much it’s crazy. It’s like the elevator doors opening in The Shining.”
Shmidt: “Look they sent us in undercover at a college to find the dealer of this new synthetic...”
Walters: “Find the tattoo, find the dealer.” (0:24)

A tattoo artist tells Jenko and Schmidt, “I do a lot of stupid tattoos to drunk kids.” (0:26)

Schmidt tells Jenko, “Dude, you’re tripping.” (0:29)

Football player Zook tells Jenko, “That is so crazy, dude.” (0:30)

Zook tells Jenko, “... getting wasted...” (0:33)

Maya tells Schmidt, “‘Cause I don’t even know if I like you when I’m sober.” (0:38)

Student Keith tells Jenko, “Yeah, man, those Krispie treats got mad WhyPhy in them.”
Students Keith and Kenny, in unison, tells Schmidt: “In about 4 hours you’re gonna be trippin’.”
Jenko: “Who sold you WhyPhy?” (0:41)

Schmidt: “Time to prove that Zook’s the dealer.”
Jenko: “Or not the dealer.” (0:44)

Jenko: “No, you’re just paranoid because we’re about to trip balls.”paranoid
Schmidt: “I’m paranoid because it’s gonna be dangerous.” (0:45)

Schmidt: “I think we’re tripping.”
Hallucinating: “I’m having a bad trip. We’re having a bad trip.”
Jenko, hallucinating: “I think we are tripping.”
”Your trip sucks.” (0:46)

Jenko tells Schmidt, referring to Cynthia’s roommate Mercedes, “You should see if she knows who sold her drugs.” (0:50)

Schmidt: “This is crazy...”
Maya: “We met at a poetry slam, and then he stalked me back to my dorm room.”
Maya’s father (Dickson): “Stalked her?”
Dickson tells Maya’s mom, “I’m gonna need a... before I go crazy.” (0:55)

Jenko tells Zook, “Alright, with everything that happened with Cynthia and WhyPhy...” (0:57)

Self portrait of Vincent Van Gogh on Maya’s dorm room wall. (0:59)

Mercedes tells Schmidt, “You’re more messed up than Cynthia was, and she went to the school shrink three times a week.” (1:01)

Schmidt tells Jenko, “This is Cynthia’s therapist’s office.”
Schmidt reads from Cynthia’s psychiatric record: “Patient exhibits drug-induced paranoia...”
Jenko: “What, like when we were drunk or something?”
Schmidt tells Jenko, “The first time we saw the photo of Cynthia buying WhyPhy, Dickson said, ‘This guy’s the dealer.’”
”What if Cynthia was the dealer?”
Dickson: “You think Cynthia was the dealer? How... we gonna infiltrate the dealer if the dealer is dead?”
”This looks like some shit Iron Man would have.” (1:01)

Schmidt tells Jenko, referring to Zook, “He’s not the dealer.” (1:07)

Jenko tells Schmidt, “The supplier is putting drugs inside the books...”
Jenko: “And the dealers check out the books.” (1:08)

Ghost tells his thugs, “I do miss the days when people did normal drugs.”
”What’s wrong with those classic drugs from the ‘89s? Heroin, you know, cocaine...”
Jenko tells a thug, “Gay is okay, homosexual, maybe...”
Ghost: “Oh man, it’s my memory...”
Schmidt: “I’m not like... Spider-Man.” (1:09)

Deputy Chief Hardy on television: “We have identified and arrested one Dr. Karl Murphy, who was found with WhyPhy residue throughout his office...” (1:17)

Schmidt tells Hardy, “I found something in this WhyPhy case...” (1:18)

Jenko tells Schmidt, “Well, I heard WhyPhy’s coming back in a big way... WhyPhy’s going viral...”
”No big commitment or stress to each other.” (1:20)

Drug sales. (1:22)

Mercedes: “We’re gonna get all these kids at spring break hooked on WhyPhy... and if you rat me out, I framed my psych prof...”
Ghost: “Why don’t you sell those old classic drugs from the ‘90s, like cocaine, heroin and ?”
Mercedes: “Dad, those are like old people drugs... like Blanche did heroin.”
Ghost: “Blanche never did heroin.”
Mercedes asks the Yangs, “Are you... high
”Don’t get high on your own supply.”
Dickson: “He’s got the drugs.” (1:23)

Schmidt, referring to the Lamborghini: “It’s so confusing.” (1:28)

MC: “Let’s hear you get crazy!” (1:28)

Ghost tells his thugs, “I’ve been running like crazy.” (1:30)

MC: “I want to see you get crazy.” (1:32)

Ghost yells to Jenko, “Bye bye, Terminator.” (1:36)

Schmidt: “This is crazy!”
”I have so much adrenaline right now.” (1:37)

21 Jump Street