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24 Hour Party People

Steve Coogan, Paddy Considine, Danny Cunningham, Sean Harris, Shirley Henderson, Lennie James, Andy Serkis, John Simm
Alice Cooper | Ian Curtis | F Scott Fitzgerald | Adolf Hitler | Elvis Presley | 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | cocaine | crack cocaine | ethyl alcohol | hashish | heroin | marijuana | methadone | tobacco-marijuana
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Television host Tony Wilson: "No, it’s the latest craze sweeping the Pennines."
”This is a physical high, a physical, legal, high... I’m utterly elated.”
”Obviously it’s symbolic.” (0:00)

Alan Erasmus and Tony smoke marijuana cigarettes. (0:10)

Alan, on the air: "On tonight’s show I’ll be talking to Alice Cooper live at the Apollo... first, two minutes of the most important music since Elvis walked into the Sun Studios in Memphis..." (0:10)

Bar owner Don Tonay, referring to television: "The idiot box." (0:14)

Tony tells Tonay, "I don’t do any coke." (0:22)

Tony, referring to his wife: "It wasn’t always crazy between me and Lindsay."
Lindsay answers Tony, ”No, it’d be a nightmare.” (0:27)

Producer Martin Hannett, referring to a guitar player, "... retard." (0:31)

A band member tells Tony, "We look like the bloody Hitler Youth, man."
Tony: ”I wouldn't worry about it.” (0:33)

Joy Division singer Ian Curtis suffers a seizure. (0:38)

Lindsay tells Ian, "I’ve got a spliff going."
She shares it with him. (0:41)

Ian hangs himself. (0:43)

A woman tells Tony, "Ian Curtis has died."
”He’s hanged himself.” (0:44)

A man in uniform announces, "Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division, has died today... Ian Curtis, writer..." (0:45)

Tony: "If you listen to Ian’s music, and you know that he killed himself, then you probably imagine some very dark, depressive figure..." (0:45)

Michael tells Tony, "I’m mourning." (0:47)

Funeral for Ian in open casket. (0:48)

Tony: "... I think it was Scott Fitzgerald who said, ‘American lives don’t have second acts.’" (0:52)

Happy Mondays band dancer and percussionist Bez: "Can I offer anybody, like, the best drug experience they’ve ever had?"
Tony: ”His favorite chemical was ecstasy.” (1:03)

Tony: "Suddenly, everything came together, the music, the dancing, the drugs..." (1:07)

Tony: "This is it, the birth of rave culture..." (1:08)

Tony asks the band, "Where is the mad professor?" (1:11)

Band members appear to insufflate cocaine.
Tony: ”No, I think cocaine’s a suit’s drug,” (1:14)

Yvette tells Tony, referring to Shaun Ryder, "... everyone else thinks he’s a.... idiot." (1:18)

Tony: "... Shaun is an artist, but he’s also an addict." (1:18)

Tony tells Martin, "I’m not a lump of hash." (1:19)

Tony: "Manchester became the center of the universe: the best drugs..."
”... metaphorically speaking...” (1:20)

Making lines of cocaine (1:21)

Tony, referring to Sir Keith, "They call him the Mad Monk." (1:21)

Man insufflating long line of cocaine (1:21)

Tony tells Sir Keith, "The Mad Monk, that’s what they call you, isn’t it? I mean, you are a mad bastard." (1:23)

Manager Rob Gretton asks Tony, "Are you out of your mind?" (1:24)

Tony, referring to the nightclub Hacienda: "... it was all fueled by ecstasy, not alcohol, and we didn’t sell ‘E’ at the bar... but most of the money went to the drug dealers... Drug dealers are like any other business men... If you’ve got a lot of drugs and guns in your club, you’re gonna get shut down... we gave the drug dealers the doorman’s uniform, so now we didn’t control the door or the drugs." (1:25)

Tony tells his wife Hillary, "I’ve got to go to Martin Hannett’s funeral." (1:29)

Tony: "This is a film about... Ian Curtis, Shaun Ryder..." (1:29)

Burial in cemetery (1:29)

Tony tells a gangster, "We’re thinking of having a temperance night." (1:30)

Manager Nathan tells Tony, "You know Shaun’s had a bit of trouble with heroin recently."
”I tried to get him off smack and onto the methadone, but now he’s doing both.” (1:31)

Shaun tells a customs agent, referring to prescription bottles, "It’s my methadone." (1:32)

Tony: "Nathan had supplied enough methadone to keep Shaun going for 4 weeks... It was just bad luck that the methadone didn’t even make it onto the plane."
Man: ”Hey, just snort it, man.”
Tony: ”There was no heroin on the island, but there was plenty of crack... Nathan used it for drugs instead.” (1:32)

Barney: "A total... nightmare, a total nightmare." (1:35)

Tony, on Wheel of Fortune television show: "There it is, the wheel that... has been used as a symbol for the vicissitudes of life" (1:37)

Tony tells Roger Ames, "... my epitaph will be that I never, literally nor metaphorically, sold out."
Roger: ”Tony, you’re... mad.” (1:43)

Tony: "Most of all, I love... the cheap abundant drugs..." (1:44)

Tony tells Shaun, "Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it, mate."
Tony smokes a marijuana cigarette.
Referring to a vision of God: ”He was the double of me.” (1:49)