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25th Hour

CastEdward Norton, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Barry Pepper, Rosario Dawson, Anna Paquin, Brian Cox, Tony Siragusa, Levani Outchaneichvili, Tony Devon, Misha Kuznetsov, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Michael Genet, Patrice O'Neal, Al Palagonia, Cynthia Darlow
Year released2002
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Addict Simon tells drug dealer Monty, “I’m not looking for a mercy pop...”
Monty: “Take your Jones somewhere else.”
Simon: “Are you afraid that I’m, I’m gonna narc you out?” (0:08)

Student Mary tells teacher Jacob that student Vincent was “Getting smashed at a basketball party... It’s not because it’s so traumatic.”
”That’s his way of mourning his dead grandmother?” (0:16)

Monty tells his girlfriend Nat, “If I can’t do that... one shot to the head.”
Nat: “So what are we doing tonight, before you kill yourself that is?” (0:24)

DEA agent Flood pulls packages of drugs out of a sofa cushion. (0:30)

Monty tells his friend Kostya, “You’re... crackin’ up... You’re crazy.” (0:33)

Monty’s father James tells Monty, “I should’ve stopped drinking when your mother passed.”
”11 year old boy with a dead mother and a drunk father.” (0:36)

Jacob reads: “I notice how many of what I once thought were evidences of repression, sexual or otherwise...”
Monty: “... my father with his endless grief...”
James, referring to the film with Montgomery Clift: “Place in the Sun.” (0:40)

Monty’s friend Frank tells Jacob, referring to Monty, “Just get him drunk.”
”Monty’s a... drug dealer.”
Frank mimics shooting himself in the mouth with his hand like a pistol: “He can catch the bullet train.” (0:46)

Agent Cunningham tells Monty, “Yeah, but then you go and get yourself thrown out for dealing weed to some rich kids.”
Flood: “How much of that stretch you pull is all up to the mood of the prosecutor.” (0:52)

Nat’s friend tells Nat, referring to Monty, “He’s a loco.” (1:00)

Jacob tells Frank, referring to teacher Terry, “He’s kind of obsessing.”
”I’m not a pervert.” (1:04)

His bouncer friend tells Monty, “Man, that’s nervous, man.” (1:09)

Monty asks Mary, “Are you outta your mind?” (1:11)

Jacob tells Monty, “Yeah, I’m pissed.” (1:14)

Monty tells Kostya, “Yeah, well I’m not really in the mood for that.” (1:17)

Monty tells Frank, “I mean, in a room, some junky doesn’t want to pay me, and Kostya behind me...” (1:21)

Mary tells Jacob, “Don’t panic.”
Jacob: ”Are you drunk?”
Mary: ”And I had some ‘E’ earlier.” (1:25)

Frank tells Nat, referring to Monty, “You know, when he started selling weed to the kids at Coventry...“
”Paid in full by the addiction of other people.”
Nat: ”Are you drunk?... You’re... drunk”
Frank: ”I can’t get drunk, all right?”
”You knew where he hid the drugs, didn’t you?” (1:32)

Mob boss Nikolai tells Monty, “Let them think you are a little bit crazy, but respectful, too.” (1:40)

Monty tells Nat, “I’ve been confused.” (1:44)

Jacob: “This is insane.” (1:49)

Monty tells Nat, “I’m such an idiot.”
Poster: “Cool Hand Luke” (1:53)

James tells Monty, “No madmen cursing or pissing on the streets.” (2:01)

Monty tells his unborn baby, “Your mother’s a lunatic.” (2:07)

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