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28 Days

CastSandra Bullock, Steve Buscemi, Viggo Mortensen
Year released2000
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Partiers drink heavily. (0:00)

Her boyfriend Jasper tells newspaper columnist Gwen Cummings, "I think the vicar must have spiked the Kool-Aid." (0:02)

Gwen tells her sister Lily Cummings, "Don’t worry." (0:07)

Gwen drives while intoxicated. (0:07)

People in front of a rehab center chant: “No drugs.” (0:09)

By telephone, Jason tells Gwen, "... you never hear of anyone being raped with a plunger in rehab." (0:09)

Gwen tells clinic receptionist Betty, "Oh, glass, in case I slit my wrists."
Betty holds Gwen’s prescription bottle: “All these things will be returned to you... except for the Vicodin, which will be flushed.”
”... some people prefer it to the serenity prayer.” (0:10)

Rehab patient Oliver, guessing Gwen’s addiction: “I’m thinkin’ booze.”
Patient Dutch Gerhardt: "Cocaine."
Patient Roshanda: ”Painkillers.”
Patient Bobbie Jean wears a sign: ”Confront me if... I people please.”
Gwen’s roommate Andrea: ”What’s your drug of choice? Alcohol, Percodan, heroin, glue?”
Patient Roshanda: ”Your gateway drug.” (0:11)

Andrea tells Gwen, "Don’t worry about Daniel. He’s self-conscious about that neck thing because he did it to himself... he’d actually pump his own stomach so he wouldn’t get a hangover... He lost his license after he killed that patient..." (0:13)

Gwen writes a letter: "... Jasper, see if you can dig up some more Vicodin... That whole here-but-not-here illusion will be much easier to sustain with a little chemical help." (0:13)

Andrea tells Gwen: "Heroin addict." (0:14)

Patients chant: "You can keep your drugs and whiskey sours. We got us a higher power..." (0:15)

Oliver tells Gwen, "There’s no caffeine. It’s mood altering." (0:16)

Gwen tells the clerk, "... the people out there are addicts. They need cigarettes like they need air." (0:16)

Group psychotherapy finishes with the serenity prayer. (0:17)

Gwen asks recovering counselor Cornell Shaw, "So what’s the deal if somebody wanted something with more kick than nicotine?"
Shaw: ”... if your counselor catches you using, you can get kicked out.” (0:20)

Shaw tells Gwen, "... generally people come to rehab not to get loaded."
”You’re the only person in the world who does drugs and alcohol... You get caught using, you run the risk of getting kicked out. ”
”... I’ll know if you’re using.”
Gwen: ”Do you always use insight to disarm your new recruits?”
Shaw: ”AA Big Book” (0:20)

Betty: "Tonight’s lecture: ‘Are you a blackout drunk, or don’t you remember?’" (0:21)

In group psychotherapy, Oliver: "My problem is my father just happened to watch Dateline the night they’re doing some expose on Park Avenue drug users, the night he caught me doing some blow in the bathroom." (0:21)

Announcement over PA: "Adult Children of Alcoholics is moved... CAs and NAs meet tomorrow and... sexual addicts..."
Jason passes Gwen a prescription bottle. He asks Gwen, “Don’t they know all anyone wants from rehab’s a good coked-out star story?” (0:22)

Shaw tells Gwen, "I’m not referring you to a treatment facility."
”Your sentence was for 28 days of rehab or jail time.”
”For driving drunk...”
Gwen: ”Forget that... you 12-stepping geek.” (0:24)

A group of patients chants, “No drugs,” then recites the serenity prayer. (0:25)

Gwen takes a pill from a prescription bottle then spits it out. (0:26)

Shaw, at a 12 step meeting: "I am a drug addict, alcoholic, compulsive gambler slash liar... Tonight I will not get wasted... if anyone had a clue how wrong it felt to be sober, they wouldn’t dream of asking you to stay that way... you do that mound of cocaine... I drank and I snorted, and I drank and snorted, and drank and snorted... consequences couldn’t be half as bad as not using... I had no idea where I was..." (0:27)

The receptionist tells the professional baseball player, "You can’t bring a girl into treatment with you, Eddie." (0:31)

Gwen asks Shaw, "... what kind of a person just jumps out of a window?" (0:32)

Group psychotherapy
Dutch: ”There’s a rule: No using.”
Patient Daniel: ”You could spread your negativity even further.” (0:33)

Patient Eddie Boone tells Gwen, "I got a little drunk on the airplane."
Gwen: ”Just don’t worry about it.” (0:36)

Counselor: "It’s called equine therapy."
Gwen: ”Is this how one gets sober?”
Oliver: ”It’s character-revealing.”
Gwen: ”So my therapist today is a very large, smelly beast of burden...” (0:37)

Gwen tells Shaw, "Give me a pill. Give me a shot... Give me a lobotomy."
One day at a time...”
Shaw: ”It’s a therapeutic tool.” (0:38)

Psychotherapist Evelyn tells Roshanda’s daughter Traci, ”When you do drugs, this is what happens, okay?”
Traci: ”When you do drugs, you don’t do any fun stuff...”
Roshanda’s son Darnell: ”Worried.”
Gwen recalls finding her mother unconscious. (0:39)

Patients chant: "Sober is the only way." (0:40)

Their Aunt Helen tells Gwen and her sister, "Your mother has passed on." (0:41)

Andrea, referring to a television show: "I saw it... after I got out of my first rehab center... helped me stay sober off and on." (0:43)

Jason asks Gwen, "Is that part of the therapy?" (0:45)

Gwen asks Jason, "At rehab?"
Referring to Jason: ”He came to visit me at rehab...”
”They don’t drink. They don’t do drugs.”
Jason: ”... others do it by getting wasted.”
”You’re in Deliverance country surrounded by a bunch of sober freaks...” (0:46)

Andrea has cut her leg with broken glass.
Andrea tells Gwen, ”They’ll take me to psychiatric...” (0:50)

Andrea tells Gwen, "... I wasn’t trying to off myself..."
”Is he a drunk?”
Referring to soap character Darian: ”He was addicted to gambling...” (0:50)

Betty announces on PA: "... I’ve worked all 12 steps..." (0:52)

Andrea tells Gwen, "I found my counselor..." (0:53)

Oliver: "It’s not a very cool guy to bring you booze in rehab..."
Dutch: ”If you were serious about getting sober, your love partner would know.”
Oliver: ”You must not be very committed to your recovery.” (0:54)


Gwen tells Eddie, "It’s from my sister. She’s coming to family sessions."
Eddie: ”... drugs, women...”
Gwen: ”You were trying to snort me?”
Eddie: ”My agent; he’s trying to psych me up.”
Gwen: ”You’ll never want to do coke again” (0:57)

Betty on PA: "Attention all patients... ‘What’s wrong with celebrating sobriety by getting drunk?’" (1:01)

Lily in family session, referring to Gwen: "I mean, she shows up drunk."
Lily asks Gwen, ”... you think your memory of that day is somehow better than mine?”
”... my mother died when I was little too...”
Counselor: ”Think about Gwen’s behavior at your wedding...” (1:03)

Eddie tells Gwen, "You’ve psyched yourself right out of the game." (1:06)

Counselor: "Foks, the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over, expecting different results." (1:08)

Shaw: "Lots of people in recovery want to know when’s a good time to start dating." (1:09)

Daniel tells the others, "... don’t drink. Go to meetings. Find a sponsor..."
Oliver: ”... it’s good for us if he goes back to using...” (1:09)

Eddie tells Gwen, "... my best friend... walks in on me and his wife in bed."
”What’s the worst thing you ever did when you were messed up?”
Gwen: ”I’m a drunk. Drunks forget everything...” (1:11)

Gwen, referring to a new patient: "Pills."
Oliver: ”Booze.”
Gwen: ”Coke and sex.” (1:12)

Gwen tells Andrea, "Everyone was losing their minds."
”Satisfy that sugar craving of yours.”
Andrea: ”Have you ever left rehab before?”
”You’ve never left rehab...”
Gwen: ”... I have been a part of some very emotional sing-outs...”
Andrea: ”... you must know about leaving rehab better than anyone.” (1:13)

Roshanda: "Custody of my kids."
Oliver: ”Sobriety.” (1:14)

Gwen tells Daniel, "... I could really use your medical expertise..." (1:16)

Gwen tells patient Bobbie Jean, "Think Cry in the Dark..." (1:16)

Gwen tells the others, "I’m an alcoholic and an addict..."
Roshanda: ”Okay, but seeing as you’re all addicts... Drugs, sex... here are some therapeutic tools...” (1:17)

Jasper tells Gwen, referring to his parents, "... with them both being completely senile..."
Gwen: ”This is Eddie. He’s a patient here...”
Jasper tells Eddie, ”... don’t treat me like an idiot...”
Eddie slugs Jasper in the face. (1:22)

Gwen finds Andrea unconscious.
Drug paraphernalia (1:24)

Evelyn, referring to Andrea’s death: "We, as a community, have all been deeply affected by our loss... I’ve heard so many people here say, ‘I just want to use one more time.’" (1:26)

Shaw tells Gwen, ”She didn’t kill herself. She used. She overdosed.”(1:26)

Jasper tells Gwen, "Turkey. Meant to be symbolic of my behavior..." (1:34)

Jasper tells Gwen, "Stay clean and sober..." (1:35)

Betty, on PA. "Don’t miss tonight’s lecture: ‘Is God an Alcoholic?’" (1:41)

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