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3 Hearts

Benoît Poelvoorde, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chiara Mastroianni, Catherine Deneuve, André Marcon, Patrick Mille
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Three Hearts
3 cœurs

Antique dealer Sylvie tells her business partner sister Sophie, “You always freak out.” (0:16)

A woman tells tax inspector Marc, “You fainted.” (0:21)

His cardiologist tells Marc, “Avoid... stress.” (0:25)

Sylvie tells the others, referring to cigarette smoking, “I’m quitting.” (0:26)

The doctor tells Marc, referring to his chest pain, “I think it’s in your head.” (0:30)

By videoconference Sophie tells Sylvie, “I was confused.” (0:43)

Sophie asks Marc, “You’re hiding an alcohol problem?” (1:00)

Marc tells Sophie, “I have a hangover.” (1:03)

Sylvie tells Marc, referring to Sophie, “If she finds out, I die.” (1:33)

Her mother tells Sylvie, referring to Sylvie’s lover Christophe, “He’s panicking.” (1:36)