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Seung-yeon Lee, Jae Hee Song, Hyeok-ho Gweon, Jeong-ho Choi, Mi-suk Lee, Sung-hyuk Moon, Jee-ah Park, Jae-yong Jang, Dah-hae Lee, Jin-mo Joo
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Voice mail from Min-gyu, referring to his wife Sun-hwa, “You’re making me crazy.” (0:09)

By telephone Min-gyu tells Sun-hwa, who shows bruises from physical abuse, “You want to see me go crazy again?” (0:14)

MIn-gyu hits Sun-hwa. (0:19, 1:00)

Min-gyu asks burglar Tae-suk, “Are you crazy?” (0:20)

A boxer asks Sun-hwa and Tae-suk, “What are you drunk idiots doing in my home?” (0:36)

A prison guard tells Tae-suk, “Don’t forget that either, idiot. You crazy bastard.” (1:07)

The boxer asks his wife, “Are you sick in the head?”
Wife: “Don’t play psycho with me.” (1:12)