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50 First Dates

Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Rob Schneider, Sean Astin, Lusia Strus, Dan Aykroyd, Amy Hill, Allen Covert, Blake Clark, Maya Rudolph
Drew Barrymore | marijuana
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His assistant Ula tells veterinarian Henry, “I don’t smoke weed.”
Ula’s son: ”Daddy, what’s a nympho.”
Ula: “Ah, the nympho is the state bird of Ohio.”
Henry tells Ula, ”You’re the state idiot of Hawaii.” (0:04)

Another diner asks Henry, “Are you staring at me or her, ‘cause you’re starting to freak me out.” (0:10)

His assistant Alexa asks Henry, “Are you drunk or something?” (0:10)

Ula tells Henry, “The ball... hit you in the head.” (0:19)

His tax attorney date tells Henry, “I think I’m getting kind of drunk. Am I getting drunk?”
Henry: ”Actually I’m not drunk at all...”
”But you’re too drunk to notice, remember?” (0:20)

Teacher Lucy : “I've never even met you.”

Henry asks waitress Sue, referring to Lucy. ”Is she crazy or something?”
Sue: ”Lucy suffered a serious head injury. She lost her short-term memory.”
”She has all of her long-term memory... She just can’t retain any new information.”
Henry: ”This sounds like something I would tell a psycho girl... Am I the psycho girl?”
Sue: ”She has no memory that she ever met you.” (0:22)

Lucy’s dad Marlin calls her brother Doug “Moron.” (0:26)

Marlin: “And Doug’s muscles aren't pharmaceutically enhanced.”
He opens a wrapped present: “Oh, The Sixth Sense.” (0:27)

Ula asks Henry, “How long it gonna take for her memory to come back?”
Henry: ”She’s got brain damage you psycho.” (0:30)

Lucy tells Henry, “My grandfather died trying to jump start a car.” (0:41)

Ula tells Lucy, “You crazy...” (0:44)

Doug tells Lucy, “I didn't know there was going to be a urine test.” (0:50)

Psychologist Joseph: “... what we believe is the scar tissue here is impairing your ability to convert short-term memory into long-term memory while you sleep. The condition has come to be known as Goldfield’s syndrome.”
”A brilliant Lithuanian psychiatrist.”
”The Callahan Institute is the leading brain injury clinic...”
Joseph, referring to Tom: “His memory only lasts 10 seconds.” (0:51)

Henry tells Doug and Marlin, “I think that’s what freaks her out the most.”
Marlin: “Don’t go just because my son is psychotic.” (0:55)

Henry tells Lucy, “Oh, all I have to do is slide on the designer jeans.... and you go nuts.” (1:01)

Lucy: “And I’m so glad you finally got that gender reassignment surgery Jennifer, I mean Jonathan.” (1:02)

Lucy calls Henry, “Stalker.”
Joseph tells Henry, ”You’re not going to suffer any short-term memory loss.”
Henry: ”I know you think I’m crazy.”
”Sometimes I wish my wife would have Goldfield’s syndrome, that way she wouldn't remember when I called her mother a loud obnoxious drunk...” (1:11)

Lucy tells Henry, “I was so nervous...”
”I was nervous because...”
”I’m gonna wake up... with no memory of how it happened?” (1:15)

Henry tells walrus Jocko, ”I fell for one chick and I’m losing my mind.” (1:20)

A member of the staff at the institute tells Henry, “... and good luck with that memory problem.” (1:25)

Henry tells Lucy, “You erased me from your memories...” (1:27)

Henry asks Ula, “What, are you nuts?” (1:29)