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CastJoseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick, Bryce Dallas Howard, Anjelica Huston, Serge Houde, Andrew Airlie, Matt Frewer, Marie Avgeropoulos, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Philip Baker Hall
Year released2011
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Artist Rachael tells her radio journalist boyfriend Adam Lerner, "I’m, like, so nervous about my show." (0:02)

Adam tells his best friend and co-worker Kyle, "Don’t get hysterical"
”I’m not hysterical.” (0:05)

Dr. Ross dictates, referring to Adam, "The patient has been complaining of... Will send patient for biopsy..."
”If you need someone to talk to, we have an excellent staff here at the hospital, of social workers and psychologists. ” (0:08)

Kyle asks Adam, referring to Adam’s parents, "Did they freak out?"
”Your dad has Alzheimer’s...” (0:13)

Adam’s father calls him Richard.
His mother Diane tells Adam, ”You always make me out to be some sort of irrational loon.”
Adam: ”Have you ever seen Terms of Endearment?” (0:14)

Adam asks psychotherapist-in-training Katherine McKay, "So, have you had many patients?"
Katherine: ”My patient history is not...”
Adam: ”I’m your first patient...”
Katherine: ”Don’t worry.”
”That’s a really common symptom in patients like yourself. Your body is in survival mode, so what you are experiencing is shock.”
”... we’ll just start with some simple relaxation exercises...” (0:18)

Patient Alan Lombardo offers Adam macaroons: "There’s weed in them." (0:25)

Psychotherapy session #2 with Katherine
Katherine: ”I think it’s important to remember that these side effects are completely normal.”
Adam: ”So you’re trying to make me freak out or something, right?”
Katherine: ”I’m not trying to make you freak out.”
”Touching promotes trust... hospital practitioners make their patients feel more secure in stressful situations.” (0:28)

Adam tells Alan and patient Mitch, "Hospitals kind of freak her out." (0:33)

Kyle reads to Adam from a book cover: "Inoperable Optimism. Cosper Schlegel, un-American medical intuitive and mystic psychiatrist? Mystic psychiatrist?... Is he Frodo’s psychiatrist?"
Adam: ”... the therapist lady said to buy it.” (0:35)

Kyle tells bookstore clerk Claire, "Don’t worry." (0:36)

By telephone, Adam tells Diane, "Don’t worry so much." (0:37)

Rachael tells Adam, "This has been so stressful..."
Kyle: ”He has... cancer, you lunatic.”
”This is crazy.” (0:41)

Kyle tells Adam, "You're sympathetic." (0:45)

Adam tells two prospective dates Allison and Jackie, "... I have some really potent medical weed at my house..." (0:48)

Adam tells Katherine, "Let’s not do the therapy in the car."
Katherine: ”It’s not appropriate for me to tell you things because the patient-therapist relationship doesn’t really work if you know all my problems.” (0:52)

Katherine tells Adam, "It’s a defense mechanism..." (0:56)

Adam loads and lights a bong. Kyle tells Adam, “I thought the deserts were crazy. The ocean’s... nuts, man.” (0:56)

Rachael asks Adam, "You’re smoking weed?"
Adam: ”Well, it’s medicinal.”
Rachael: ”You got a prescription for medicinal marijuana?”
Kyle: ”I got a prescription for medicinal marijuana.”
”I have night blindness... weed fixes it.” (0:57)

Mitch and Kyle smoke joints. Mitch tells the others, “Guys, Bernie blended up some wheatgrass.” (1:01)

Adam in session with Katherine. She tells him, "Don’t worry about it."
”Well, I would talk to my therapist about my parents.”
”Yeah, we could do a role play. I’ll be your mom.”
Adam: ”... my mom, she’s a crazy person. She just worries all day every day.” (1:03)

Alan tells Adam, referring to Mitch, "He died last night." (1:05)

Funeral procession and burial for Mitch (1:06)

Adam lights and smokes a joint. (1:06)

Session with Katherine: Adam tells her, “Mitch died.”
Katherine: ”... a lot of what you’re feeling right now is from the treatment.”
Adam: ”... and ‘don’t worry’...”
”... you can... tell an inspiring anecdote about your third patient ever...” (1:07)

Adam tells a nurse, "Don’t worry about it." (1:11)

Diane tells Adam, "I just worry you’re not getting the best care possible."
”The highlight of my week is this cancer support group I’ve been going to.”
Adam: ”You’re going to a support group” (1:11)

Kyle tells Adam, "So don’t worry about it."
Adam: ”You’re drunk.”
”You’re really drunk.”
Kyle: ”I’m a little drunk.”
Adam rages.
Adam: ”You’re a selfish piece of shit.” (1:14)

By telephone, Adam tells Katherine, "I’m just probably having a nervous breakdown."
Katherine: ”... stalking my ex-boyfriend actually isn’t the only thing I do in my free time.” (1:18)

Dr. Lee tells Adam, "I’m here to administer your anesthesia."
”I’m going to inject the anesthesia through your IV. It’s going to take a few moments before you start to feel the effects.” (1:25)

Kyle tells Diane, "Don’t worry."
Kyle, pointing at Katherine: ”Therapist.” (1:28)

Adam tells Kyle, "I’m high as a mother..." (1:31)

Adam tells Katherine, "I love morphine."
Adam: ”Do you have a new patient?”
Katherine: ”I got a few new patients, actually.” (1:31)

Kyle tells Adam, "Don’t worry about it. This looks like Kuato from Total Recall.”
Adam: ”That’s crazy.” (1:33)

Kyle tells Adam and Katherine, "There’s some Vicodin in the bathroom if you need it. I know people take it recreationally..." (1:34)

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