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CastMarcello Mastroianni, Claudia Cardinale, Rossella Falk, Anouk Aimée, Sandra Milo, Barbara Steele, Caterina Boratto, Edra Gale, Guido Alberti
Year released1963
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Otto E Mezzo

Film director Guido Anselmi awakens from a dream.
Doctor: ”This treatment will do you good... three doses... on an empty stomach.... Mineral water as prescribed...” (0:04)

Guido tells film critic Carini Daumir, "No, don’t worry..." (0:09)

Guido asks his friend Mario Mezzabotta, "... what’s your treatment?" (0:11)

Mario: "Of all your story’s overabundant symbols..." (0:13)

His mistress Carla tells Guido, referring to her husband, "That sort of thing depresses him."
”I even had a dream about it. I dreamed that you found him a job, but he lost his mind...” (0:17)

Another man tells producer Pace, "Don’t let him play on your emotions."
His father tells Guido, ”Don’t worry about me.” (0:22)

Guido tells actress Madeleine, "What a dazzling vision." (0:26)

Guido asks actress Claudia’s agent Alberto, "Are you crazy?" (0:27)

A woman writer tells Guido, "My readers go crazy for love stories." (0:28)

Pace asks Guido, "Has the treatment helped?" (0:29)p>

A man tells Pace, "This is a madhouse." (0:31)

Daumier: "The early Fitzgerald..." (0:32)

His friend Mario Mezzabotta tells Guido, "I may be the fool, the old imbecile..."
Referering to Mario’s girlfriend Gloria Morin, ”Listen, I’m not deluding myself... She’s pretty, charming, intelligent.” (0:34)

Performer Maurice tells a woman, "No drugs, I hope." (0:37)

Pace tells a woman, "Don’t worry, darling." (0:38)

Guido’s grandmother: "What an idiot I am." (0:41)

Madeleine tells Guido, "I played a woman... a hysterical personality...”
Gloria strikes Mario on the head. (0:46)

By telephone, his estranged wife Luisa tells Guido, "So long, you madman." (0:49)

Guido asks production assistant Mario Connochio, "Why are you shouting, you crazy old man?"
Connochio: ”... ‘Go hang yourself’.” (0:52)

Guido: "A crisis of inspiration." (0:53)

Guido: "Let’s suppose you're the symbol of purity and spontaneity. But what the hell does it mean to be truly honest?... It’s time to set all the symbols aside." (0:53)

A maid tells Guido, referring to Carla, "In her delirium, she asked for peas, a good sign." (0:56)

Guido tells the monseigneur, "... he has certain complexes." (0:59)

His Eminence the Cardinal tells Guido, "... all these little birds... sang a funeral chorus..." (1:01)

Guido’’s mother: "Ah, the shame and anguish." (1:05)

Daumier: "I’m sure you see the confusion..." (1:09)

Pace tells Guido, "I’ve figured out... you’re trying to get at: a man’s inner confusion." (1:10)

Pace tells Luisa, "... tonight you’ll see the depths of insanity...."
Screenwriter: ”Only a producer of your courage could get it made.”
Rosella tells Guido, ”I was a little worried.”
Man: ”My sister was a nun who died young.” (1:17)

Pace: "You gotta be crazy to listen to this director..." (1:19)

Guido tells Rossellla, referring to Luisa, "Suddenly she’s so nervous and angry."
Man: ”This model will be superimposed on the structure to create the illusion that the rocket’s on the launch pad.”
Guido: ”Instead, it’s me who lacks the courage...” (1:20)

Luisa answers Guido, "No, it’s a tranquilizer."
”What’s worrying you now?” (1:27)

Rossella, referring to Carla: "Exactly the type to make a good companion for feeble, spineless, confused men."
Luisa, referring to Guido: ”He drives me crazy.” (1:31)

Woman, referring to Bonbon, "She’s crazy."
Woman: ”The truth is he’s too good, too patient.” (1:40)

Guido: "If you could be patient just a little longer, Luisa..." (1:47)

Daumier reads: "The solitary ego that revolves around itself... finally chokes... we’d be spared many an illusion." (1:48)

Luisa tells Guido, "Stroke your ego." (1:54)

Conocchia tells Pace, "You may say I’m losing my marbles..."
Pace: ”... You are losing your marbles.”
Guido: ”Can’t you see that I’m stammering?” (1:55)

Actress Claudia tells Guido, "A guy like your character, who doesn’t love anybody, isn’t very sympathetic, you know..." (2:01)

Pace tells Guido, "I’ve been paying for your confusion and crises for months."
Male voice: ”Lunatic.”
Guido appears to shoot himself with a revolver. (2:06)

Daumier: "... you would actually leave behind you a whole film, like a cripple leaving behind his crooked footprint." (2:10)

Guido: "... Now everything’s all confused once again, like it was before, but this confusion is me, as I am, not as I’d like to be." (2:11)

Reference in Ghost World

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