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88 Minutes

Al Pacino, Alicia Witt, Leelee Sobieski, William Forsythe, Deborah Kara Unger, Ben McKenzie, Neal McDonough,Amy Brenneman, Stephen Moyer, Brendan Fletcher, Victoria Tennant, Michael Eklund, Kaj-Erik Eriksen, Damien Leake,Trilby Glover, Christopher Redman, Leah Cairns
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Janie tearfully tells a detective the murder victim was her twin sister Joanie. (0:05)

Prosecuting attorney at trial: “In your professional opinion Dr. Gramm, as a forensic psychiatrist...”

Accused murder Jon's defense attorney Bennett: “Dr. Gramm... the forensic psychiatrist of the year...”
”My client grieves for the victim...”
Forensic psychiatrist Jack Gramm: “In my professional opinion as a forensic psychiatrist...” (0:06)

Jack tells FBI agent Jeremy, referring to Jack’s student Dale Morris,“About a year ago her father died. She was very troubled. I treated her as a psychiatrist.”
I don’t sleep with my students, Mr. Guber. Nor do I sleep with my patients.” (0:16)

His assistant Shelly tells Jack, “Yeah, except that I’m gay, and you’re a commitment-phobe.” (0:19)

Lecturer Kim tells her class convicted murderer Jack Forster “... had experience using the animal tranquilizer halothane...”
Jack asks his class, “The legal distinction between sanity and insanity rests upon what?”
Medical student Lauren: “That insanity is a legal concept. It’s not a medical or psychiatric term. But despite the fact that insanity is a legal concept, it doesn’t mean that someone’s not sick.”
Jack: “Of all the serial killers... Bundy here, Dahmer, Gacy, none of them were legally insane.”
Medical student Mike: “I could argue that they couldn’t help themselves precisely because of their mental disorder.” (0:22)

Dean Carol asks Jack, “Isn’t that what you tell your patients?” (0:30)

Kim tells Jack, “I didn’t wind up drunk in bed with a stranger like you.” (0:33)

Jack tells a driver, “I’m a forensic psychiatrist with the FBI.” (0:37)

Jack tells a motorcycle rider, “I’m a forensic psychiatrist with the FBI.” (0:38)

University policeman Johnny tells Jack, “It’s a little crazy around here.” (0:40)

Kim tells Jack, “I have a crazy ex-boyfriend...” (0:44)

Kim tells Jack, referring to her ex-husband Guy, “And when I disobeyed, he got filthy drunk, and he beat me black and blue.”
Paranoia is a normal state of mind, huh? (0:48)

Jack tells Kim, “I’m a target for any nut with a grudge.” (0:53)

Jon on television: “And that is renowned forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Jack Gramm.”
“... psychobabbling innocent people into the death chamber.” (0:56)

Jon tells Jack, referring to Joanie, “She was drugged...” (1:03)

Sign: “Department of Forensic Psychiatry” (1:26)

Attorney Lydia tells Jack, “The brilliant Dr. Gramm’s latest psycho gambit.” (1:32)

Jack tells Jon by telephone, referring to Lydia, “You realize that she’s damaged goods, psychologically impaired.” (1:39)