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A Face in the Crowd

Andy Griffith, Patricia Neal, Anthony Franciosa, Walter Matthau, Lee Remick, Percy Waram, Paul McGrath, Rod Brasfield, Marshall Neilan, Alexander Kirkland, Charles Irving, Burl Ives, Bennett Cerf
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Inmate Beanie for Marcia Jeffries’ recording: "Don’t worry, Ma."
Sheriff Big Jeff Bess asks a deputy: ”Say, where’s the drunk we taked in last night with the guitar?”
The deputy answers Bess: ”A week: drunk and disorderly.”
Larry “Lonesome” Rhodes: ”Nothing like a little snake medicine to put you in the mood.” (0:03)

By telephone, Bess tells Marcia’s radio station owner uncle J. B. Jeffries, referring to Larry, "I was only holding him on a drunk and disorderly." (0:10)

Larry, on the air: "Like, uh, you take the village half-wit..." (0:20)

Luffler office assistant Joey DePalma tells a typist, "Don’t worry." (0:41)

An advertising executive tells the others, "What a crazy business we’re in." (0:41)

Executive Jim tells Larry, "You may as well know that Vitajex is the sixth sister in the international drug family."
Larry: ”I mean I’m in the mood.” (0:46)

By telephone, Larry tells Marcia, "If you don’t come, I’ll dive off this balcony into the park..." (0:57)

Larry’s wife tells Marcia, "All sort of psycho-something-or-other..." (1:03)

Larry tells Marcia, "Boy, that other fellow’s gonna be jumping out of windows." (1:06)

Larry asks a man, "You out of your mind?" (1:19)

Macey: "Mr. Rhodes I’ve been with Browning, Schlagel and McNally for seventeen years, In full charge of the international drug account..." (1:22)

Larry tells Sen. Worthington Fuller, "You need a whole new personality."
Fuller: ”A new personality?”
Larry: ”Sounds sort of crazy to you, doesn’t it?” (1:31)

Fuller, on television: "I’d say that people today are obsessed..." (1:36)

Marcia tells Mel Miller, "At least I tone down some of the crazier notions he wants to spout on the air... Our agency, the one we started with the International drug account, is doing a gross business of over 100 million a year."
Mel: ”Don’t you worry.” (1:38)

Larry tells Marcia, "Everybody’s nuts about it." (1:44)

Larry asks the others, referring to Marcia, "Do you mean to tell me the success of my show depends on one self-important, neurotic, temperamental female?"
Larry tells an office girl, ”Well, I’m not drunk, just disgusted.” (1:47)

Sound engineer, referring to Larry, "Oh, if they ever heard the way that psycho really talks..." (1:51)

Larry: "Are those morons out there?... Good night, you stupid idiots." (1:51)

Macey tells a nurse, "... this time his personality finally came through." (1:53)

Larry, by telephone: "Marcia, if you don’t come right away, I’ll jump. I’ll jump. I’ll jump." (1:57)

Mel tells Marcia, referring to Larry, "... fan his smoldering, dampened ego so it can burst up into flames and burn..." (1:58)

Mel tells Larry, "People’s memories aren't too long..." (2:03)

Mel tells Marcia, referring to Larry, "I don’t figure him for a suicide." (2:05)