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A History of Violence

Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, Ed Harris, William Hurt, Ashton Holmes, Heidi Hayes, Stephen McHattie, Greg Bryk, Peter MacNeill, Kyle Schmid
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Pat asks diner owner Thomas Stall, referring to Charles, "Is he drunk again?"
”Hey, who’s the craziest woman you ever dated?”
Cook Mick: ”She used to have these crazy goddamn dreams... I was some kind of demented killer.” (0:09)

Tom’s son Jack tells his date, "... they got into their parents’ wagon and went cruising up and down their main drag playing loud banjo music and acting like idiots."
She shares a joint with Jack.
”Eventually... we become alcoholics.”
Date: ”You know, sometimes you depress me.” (0:19)

Gangster Carl Fogarty tells his henchman, referring to Tom, "We should leave before he goes all Dirty Harry on us." (0:32)

Tom tells his wife Edie, "Don’t worry." (0:37)

Tom tells Edie, "I think I’m losing my mind."
Edie: ”You’re not losing your mind. You’ve been through some serious trauma, all right?” (0:41)

Tom tells Jack, "Nothing to worry about."
Jack: ”I am worried... What did you mean, you think you’re losing your mind?”
Tom: ”See, that’s the losing my mind part.” (0:42)

Fogarty: "Nothing to worry about, Mrs. Stall."
Referring to Tom: ”He’s still crazy... Joey.” (0:46)

Jack’s girlfriend tells Jack, "I mean that’s enough to freak anybody out." (0:48)

Edie asks Tom, "What are you, like, some multiple personality schizoid?" (0:59)

His brother Richie Cusack tells Tom (now Joey Cusack), "You always were the crazy one." (1:21)