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A Letter to Three Wives

Jeanne Crain, Linda Darnell, Ann Sothern, Kirk Douglas, Paul Douglas, Barbara Lawrence, Jeffrey Lynn, Connie Gilchrist, Florence Bates, Hobart Cavanaugh
ethyl alcohol-chloral hydrate
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Addie Ross narrates: "Drugs, dry goods, shoes..." (0:01)

Her husband Bradford “Brad” Bishop asks Deborah, "... if I can’t, why should that throw you a panic?"
Deborah: ”I’m not in a panic.” (0:03)

Deborah answers her friend Lora Mae Hollingsway, "Just a husband of mine, running like mad." (0:08)

Teacher George Phipps tells Brad, referring to himself and his wife Rita, "Oh, we declared an armistice for tonight, out of respect for your battle fatigue." (0:16)

By telephone, Rita tells someone, referring to the doors and windows, "Don’t worry about them." (0:18)

Brad’s friend Porter Hollingsway tells Deborah, referring to dancing, "It makes me nervous." (0:24)

George tells Porter, "It shows a healthy instinct." (0:27)

Rita tells Deborah, referring to Brad, "Then it’s because he’s worried about you."
Deborah, referring to herself: ”... drunk and sick.” (0:30)

Woman’s voice on radio: "He’s crazy."
Rita asks the maid, ”Sadie, doesn’t that noise drive you insane?”
By telephone, Rita tells her employer Mrs. Manleigh, ”No, don’t worry about that.” (0:34)

George tells Rita, "Their presence means... all the pomp and hysteria reserved for coronations."
”Well, don’t worry about it.”
Referring to Addie Ross: ”What a memory that girl’s got.” (0:39)

George tells the others, "Worry, says the radio." (0:53)

George tells Rita, referring to his salary, "I’ll admit it has upset my male ego from time to time."
Rita: ”What do you suggest I stop doing, this moronic radio trash...?” (0:57)

Rita tells Lora Mae, "I think you’re worried. I think you’re just as worried as the rest of us." (1:00)

Lora Mae: "Don’t let it worry you, Porter." (1:20)

Housekeeper Sadie Dubin tells Lora Mae, "Tell you what, comes midnight, I’ll slip Porter Hollingsway a Mickey." (1:22)

Lora Mae’s mother Ruby Finney faints when she hears that Lora Mae will marry Porter. (1:28)

Ruby answers Lora Mae, referring to Porter, "Because he’s just plain crazy in love with you."
”Are you out of your mind?” (1:33)

Porter tells Lora Mae, "I asked you to marry you because I was crazy about you." (1:35)

Porter asks the others, "How drunk am I?" (1:39)