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A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy

CastWoody Allen, Mia Farrow, Tony Roberts, Mary Steenburgen, Julie Hagerty, José Ferrer
Year released1982
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Professor Leopold Sturges tells his class, "Their theories of the so-called mysteries of life are nothing more than projections of their own inner uneasiness." (0:02)

Adrian tells her husband Andrew, "I just started having those moods and odd feelings." (0:09)

His physician friend Maxwell tells inventor Andrew, referring to Andrew's wife Adrian's problem, "... it sounds like it's mental or something. You know they're doing some amazing things with hypnosis these days in Europe."
Andrew: "Really, hypnosis?" (0:16)

Ariel tells Maxwell, referring to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, "When Raphael first laid eyes on it, he fainted." (0:23)

Andrew tells Ariel, "Kill you or kill myself."
Ariel: "That's just what I was in the mood for." (0:25)

Leopold tells the others, "What pathetic delusions we frightened humans cling to." (0:29)

Andrew tells Adrian, "... you I'm gonna have to take to a hypnotist."
"Of course you'll be in a trance." (0:29)

Maxwell tells Leopold, "It's much better that way, especially if you're in the mood for a stroll." (0:44)

Adrian tells the others, "I'd like to say that, and also that I'm a little drunk." (0:49)

Leopold asks Andrew, referring to Maxwell, "Is he an alcoholic?" (0:52)

Andrew: "Maxwell, are you crazy?"
"Are you insane? Is that woman worth putting a bullet through your head for?"
"Are you a crazy person?"
Maxwell: "Maybe I'm drunk..." (0:54)

Maxwell tells Ariel, "If you don't, I'll kill myself..." (0:57)

Andrew tells Adrian, "You're crazy."
Adrian: "I suddenly feel panicky." (0:59)

Andrew tells Maxwell, "You don't seem as depressed now, not nearly as depressed now, not nearly as depressed as you were before." (1:04)

Andrew asks Maxwell, "Oh Jesus will you stop confusing things?"
Andrew tells Ariel, "I was too confused."
Maxwell tells Ariel, "The man's panicking."
"I should have killed myself."
Andrew: "Only a drunken, infantile idiot shoots himself over love, not an internist."
Maxwell: "I'm not a drunken, infantile idiot. I'll... get anesthetized with meaningless lovemaking." (1:08)

Nurse Dulcy tells Leopold, "All that ghost talk makes me nervous." (1:14)

Andrew holds the muzzle of his revolver to his head.
Adrian tells him, "You were obsessed with your inventions." (1:20)

Ariel tells Maxwell, "The sight of blood just terrifies me." (1:22)

Dulcy tells the others, referring to Leopold, "... at the highest moment of ecstasy he just keeled over with that smile on his face." (1:24)

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