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A Most Wanted Man

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams, Willem Dafoe, Robin Wright, Daniel Brühl
Philip Seymour Hoffman
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His associate Irna Frey answers agent Günther Bachmann, referring to Issa Karpov, "That the boy’s confused." (0:08)

The Admiral tells Bachmann, "Nervous." (0:12)

Niki tells Bachmann, "Drugs for arms." (0:25)

Anabel Richter tells banker Tommy Brue, referring to her clients, "They are often traumatized." (0:26)

Bachmann tells American agent Martha Sullivan, "That’s what I’m worried about." (0:44)

Bachmann tells Richter, "You’re a... social worker for terrorists."
Referring to cigarette smoking: ”You’ve given up.” (1:04)

Frey tells Richter, "Issa must be worried sick." (1:07)

Sullivan asks Bachmann, "Are you trying to get me drunk?" (1:16)

Michael Axelrod: "It’s a metaphor, Erhardt, just a metaphor."
”If this barracuda, if I’ve understood the metaphor, takes the bait...” (1:37)