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A Patch of Blue

CastSidney Poitier, Shelley Winters, Elizabeth Hartman, Wallace Ford, Ivan Dixon, Elizabeth Fraser, John Qualen, Kelly Flynn, Debi Storm, Renata Vanni, Saverio LoMedico
Year released1965
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Prostitute Rose-Ann D’Arcey asks her daughter Selina, "... would you like a slug in the puss?"
Rose-Ann tells her father Ole Pa, ”Oh, you no good old drunk...”
”... try and get home sober for once, pig face.” (0:03)

Fight with multiple punches to the face (0:14)

Ole Pa asks Rose-Ann, "Do you have to behave like a pig?"
Rose-Ann smacks Selina. (0:23)

Gordon Ralfe tells Selina, "You don’t have to worry." (0:32)

Rose-Ann’s friend Sadie: "Man, dig that crazy ghost."
Rose-Ann: ”You ain’t exactly Marilyn Monroe anymore either.” (0:37)

Selina tells Gordon, "Well I was a bit worried." (0:40)

His medical intern brother Mark tells Gordon, "You gotta be out of your mind." (0:47)

One of Rose-Ann’s clients rapes Selina. (0:53)

Selina tells Gordon, "I was crazy to get scared."
Referring to Ole Pa: ”He’s plastered for sure.” (1:00)

Selina: "I hate you, Ole Pa. I hate you, you dirty drunken, selfish old bastard." (1:11)

Selina and Rose-Ann hit one another.
Rose-Ann tells Ole Pa, ”You stay out of this, you stupid old drunk.” (1:25)

Ole Pa tells Selina, "I’m going out to get plastered."
”I’m a no good old drunk.” (1:28)

Rose-Ann tells Sadie, "... after the smackin’ around i gave her last night..." (1:31)

Gordon tells Selina, "You don’t know anything about it, so stop worrying."
Selina: ”I can’t help worrying about it while it hangs over me.” (1:34)

Reference in Swimming with Sharks

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