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A Star Is Born (1976)

CastBarbra Streisand, Kris Kristofferson, Gary Busey, Oliver Clark, Venetta Fields, Clydie King, Marta Heflin, M.G. Kelly, Sally Kirkland, Joanne Linville
Year released1976
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Road manager Bobbie Ritchie tells rock star John Norman Howard, "Catch a sniff." John insufflates a drug. Cocaine? (0:03)

Announcer: "Thanks for your patience..." (0:04)

John tells the audience, "I have temporary amnesia..." (0:06)

Man: "Don’t worry about it." (0:09)

A woman tells John, "I know an intern who can get you some Adrenalin."
John: ”I got all the Adrenalin I need.” (0:09)

Bobbie tells John, "Brian gave his word... that you’d show up straight enough to remember the words..." (0:10)

Singer Esther Hoffman tells John, "You’re crazy."
”Are you drunk?”
”I always talk a lot when I’m nervous.” (0:19)

John asks Esther, "Trying to improve my character?" (0:23)

Man’s t-shirt: "NO DRUGS" (0:26)

John insufflates cocaine from Bobbie’s hand. (0:27)

Man: "You’re crazy." (0:31)

M.C.: "If anyone’s hurt, go to the medical aid station." (0:32)

Public relations agent Gary Danziger: "Hey John, I have had inexhaustible patience." (0:35)

Radio D.J. Bebe Jesus yells at John, "You crazy bastard." (0:36)

Bebe, on the air: "... Bebe don’t take no jive from no burned out superstar..." Bebe tells John, “... you are a... burned out, spoiled pain in the ass.”
By telephone, Bebe tells someone, ”This... crazy.” (0:39)

Esther asks John, "Are you an alcoholic?"
John: ”Well you won’t love it, when... somebody you never heard of is calling to tell you he’s full of Quaaludes...” (0:44)

Esther tells Bobbie, referring to John, "He can get through a day without being drunk, and he can sleep without downers." (0:56)

Bobbie tells Esther, referring to John, "That crazy son-of-a-bitch..." (1:01)

John tells Esther, "... your own personal piece of the American dream."
”... lots of crazy stranger...”
”It’s not my luck I’m worried about.” (1:12)

John tells Esther, "This is getting to be a habit." (1:16)

Esther: "Oh Johnny, you pervert..."
”Oh, stop being like a nut.”
”You’re crazy. You’re a damn fool.” (1:22)

John tells his manager, "Don’t worry about it, Brian." (1:26)

The photographer tells Esther, "I was afraid it would spoil the mood..." (1:26)

Woman, referring to Esther’s album: "It’s selling like crazy." (1:27)

Esther tells John, "You’re crazy." (1:29)

John insufflates cocaine from Bobbie’s spoon. (1:30)

John asks Esther, "Who said that the booze and the dope would ruin your brain? Your memory ain’t in your liver anyway, is it?" (1:37)

John appears intoxicated.
Johnny punches Tony Orlando in the face. (1:40)

Esther asks John, "What are you gonna do for an encore, set yourself on fire." (1:42)

Brian asks Esther, "You want a Valium?" (1:44)

John tells Esther, "You’re crazy." (1:52)

John drinks beer while driving. (1:59)

Esther holds John’s lifeless body. Suicide? (2:02)

Funeral procession (2:05)

Esther tells John, "You’re selfish... You are a very selfish person..." (2:07)

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